Re: upgrade client on XP, how should the registry look?

From: shakespeare <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 16:26:29 +0100
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"Ben" <> schreef in bericht On Feb 5, 9:23 am, "shakespeare" <> wrote:
> "Ben" <> schreef in
> > We recently upgraded to from and with the client
> > upgrades we uninstalled 9.2 first and then installed & patched
> >
> > We've had some random problems on an application server and with that
> > I decided to check the registry for oracle information. I found that
> > under local_machine->software->oracle the keys all have the old 9.2
> > information. There is then a sub folder local_machine->software-
> >>oracle->KEY_OraClient10g_1 with all the 10g information. All the
> > environment variables ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN, PATH have the 10g info.
> > Is it supposed to be required to manually remove all the 9i
> > information from the registry?
> Is this the client registry or the server registry?
> Shakespeare


our database is on a unix server. most of our clients are windows XP machines.

I don't see what an oracle client has to do with application server. Where is it? Is it a seperate server? The only connection to the DB will be done by the application server, so your client config should not be the issue here.

But on the client, after de-installing the 9 version, all entries should have been removed from the registry, which obviously didn't happen... I don't think removing them would hurt. The 10g registry entries are in the right place, it's normal they are placed there. Actually, you can remove all entries at the higher level, EXCEPT the inst_loc entry, which points to your inventory (if it's there).

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