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From: Obakesan <>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 07:53:57 GMT
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>I'd say that's fine for developers, probably not the best for learning
>administration. Depends on what the OP means by admin. And what kind
>of moto he rides :-)

current scoot is on the bottom of the page

sadly I sold my Ducati, might have to pick up another when I get home

by admin I mean stuff like setting up and creating backup / recovery strategys (perhaps using rman if that's still used), optimizing, managing multiple instances. My prior experience has mainly been development using Pro C and PL/SQL, with only a smaller exposure into the dba area. I've just finished a masters degree in Environment, but getting a research position is proving difficult, so I'm thinking of heading back to the IT area again, and thought that getting an oracle dba certification might be a good way.


See Ya
(when bandwidth gets better ;-)

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