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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 11:59:53 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 29, 1:24 pm, Ben <> wrote:
> AIX5.2 64bit Ent Ed is our database system in question.
> We have an application that keeps crashing periodically and can't seem
> to find the issue to address. It is a vendor package so we don't
> control the logging or the actual fixing of the issues. I have pretty
> much ruled out a database issue but would like to be able to totally
> rule it out. The only other specific problem that I could see is the
> fact that most all of the sql that is ran against that database uses
> literals. Is it possible that connections would get killed off due to
> shared pooled memory issues? I would think if we had major issues
> there would be some various ora- errors related to shared pool memory.
> I never have any errors in the alert log though.
> I've supspected it is a hardware or network issue, but don't really
> have the means of monitoring that side of the system. Anyone know of a
> way to determine if anything bad is going on with the network or
> hardware? I've setup some pings to see if we ever lose connection to
> that server and they don't reveal any issues.
> I've also thought it might be related to the post I made titled "the
> opposite of DCD (dead connection detection)??" but I've tested that
> and it doesn't seem to be an issue with connections from win servers.

Client tracing might reveal something normal pings don't. You can enable this via the sqlnet.ora file. Read here:

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