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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 15:37:39 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 23, 6:39 pm, Noons <> wrote:
> On Jan 24, 3:07 am, "shakespeare" <> wrote:
> > hjr has left the building..........................
> > Shakespeare
> dang!
> I go away for a short holiday and
> what happens?
> First:
> Someone puts out a video of Oracle being "instantly"
> installed. Of course, that someone forgot the lost hours
> in research trying to find how many extra patches need
> to be installed to get anything working, the hours lost
> installing 10.2 base, then installing on top of it
> because Oracle hasn't yet merged the two into a single
> install, etcetc. But the whole demented misinformation
> must go on...

Fixed in! :-)

> Second:
> Sun buys MySQL (cough,splutter!...)
> still trying to digest this one. reminds me of Telstra
> buying Kaz 4 years ago, over here: another total wipeout
> of a valuable service by demented CEOs with more cash
> than brains...

Why a wipeout if it isn't expected to be a profit center?

> Yes, I've read the comments, please do me the favour of not
> patronising me: I know what I'm talking about and am old
> enough to form my own opinions, don't need your
> interpretation of reality!
> Third:
> Someone starts a chain letter through OraNA and bang:
> HJR gets pissed off with what has been happening with
> that aggregator for 12 months and throws in the towel!
> Man, talk about over-reaction. Sorry HJ: I love you man,
> but that's what it looks like to me. Of course, I respect
> your decision and won't comment on its reasons. That
> however doesn't mean I won't have an opinion.
> Finally:
> While I'm here and on the subject of aggregators and
> the blogsphere (nothing to do with HJ and his reaction,
> therefore),
> What happened with OraNA has been happening for
> more than 12 months, since the whole demented idea of
> everyone commenting on everyone else's blog started:
> it's completely unnecessary and redundant, stuffs up
> aggregators and adds nothing to the blogsphere and
> its content.

Is redundancy really unnecessary? Think about how you learn, do you pick up everything on the first read? I think redundancy in this context is necessary, even if some bad memes get reinforced. Normal meme propagation allows corrective feedback, which can help overcome myths, and even abnormal meme propagation (such as viruses and hoaxes). Whether in the blogosphere or the scientific community, there will always be lone voices who get ignored, some who are indeed correct. The challenge is to bring the loners into the community without increasing the influence of the majority of loners who are looneys. In the traditional scientific community, they would write some paper that would gather dust until someone notices it when the community is ready for the meme (or may be lost, like Tesla's later encoded work, and perhaps many examples we never hear of). In the blogosphere, it becomes a data mining problem. Everything is out there, lost in the noise.

> Other than taking "inconvenient" post lines off OraNA
> as fast as possible.
> But like so many other Oracle-marketing "initiatives", it's
> been followed by the crowds with the regular, inane
> and stupid "bah-bah" approach.

Maybe they'll follow the original:

But what makes you think Eddie is Oracle-marketing? (as opposed to simply being an enthusiastic supporter of new technologies)

> Well, like others pointed out: stuff it, it's not that
> important what happens with aggregators.
> In fact, I'm finding the whole blogsphere and Internet Oracle
> info so useless nowadays that it hardly even bleeps when
> something like chain letters happen.

Aww, you just don't want competition: :-)

> There, I said it.
> Is there no end to surprises for 2008? Darn it:
> next time I'm taking a shorter holiday!
> Roll on the "db2 will take over Oracle very soon"
> moronic stupidity that happens like clockwork every
> year, around this time...
> :-)
> Happy NY everyone!


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