Re: Using an import as a defrag

From: Juha Laiho <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:52:03 GMT
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bdbafh <> said:
>On Jan 22, 12:38 pm, howard <> wrote:
>> I was talking with fellow DBA that told me that I should export my
>> schema, drop it, and re-import it.
>What performance problems is the application currently experiencing?
>Is the database growth causing a problem, such as backups failing to
>complete during their maintenance window?

These (above) are the proper questions to ask. If it's working ok (and there's nothing to indicate that it is degrading in some way), don't waste your time.

>The paper by Juan Loiza entitled "how to stop defragmenting and start
>living" isn't returned in a search via google. That paper was
>typically a good start.

It took some time - but reducing the search terms to oracle defragmenting living
provided the anticipated results.

Even though the paper dates back to Oracle 8 (educating people to leave behind some practices and rules that were necessary with pre-8 Oracle databases), it still provides a good start. With those practices, there's one thing less to worry about.

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