Re: Oracle Financial 11i installation on WinXP

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 04:36:31 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Jagjeet,

My laptop is a Dell D410 with 512 Mb Ram, 60 Gb Hd with 2 partitions (25 gb for Ubuntu which I think runs better than Windows on this type of laptop...not too fast not too old...and 15 gb for Windows and the remaining for data = near 20gb). I have an additional 160gb Usb hd bought for Oracle 11i Application and the example database.

I know I am low on Ram (512), I'll try to upgrade to 1gb.

-o-However, can you tell me if I can install and run Oracle 11i
application with 512MB ram?
I am not looking after performances. Later my goal would be to download and install Oracle on Redhat.

-o-Should staging purpose take place on the 160 Gb?

-o-I mean should I unzip all the files there?
I would prefer to unzip all files on the family computer which is a high perfomance Dell XPS 410 desktop PC ... unziping can be done quickly ... and then burn dvds ...

-o-Where can I find a list of the files that should be on dvd and the
title I should give to this dvd.

-o-So if I am to unzip all file on a 160Gb on a hd (usb) then, can the
installation use the remaining space on the same disk?


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