Re: can someone please explain what this blog tagging this is all about?

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 02:36:45 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 20, 10:12 am, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> On Jan 16, 7:52 pm, wrote:
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> Well best wishes and I wouldn't be surprised to see you back around at
> some point.

I would (be very surprised).

> Somehow you seem remarkably restrained here on cdos

Not at all, actually (the "remarkably" bit). What you (and others) have seemingly never quite grasped is that I will not accept crappy, illogical, flimsy, ill-researched and badly-worded **technical** advice, and I have consistently rubbished such advice whenever I've seen it. I've often called such advice idiotic, moronic, stupid, silly and a whole host of other epithets, because invariably that's exactly what it is. Very, very seldom have I ever called the people offering that advice stupid, moronic, idiotic, silly etc etc etc, largely because I have to be pushed very hard before I start making judgements about *people*. Making judgements about matters of technical fact is not so hard, however.

Now some people see that as splitting hairs, but I don't. The difference is exactly what you're commenting on as if it were some sort of surprise.

We are not now discussing technical matters, but the state of play in the "Oracle community". It is in the nature of a philosophical discussion. There are no technical rights and wrongs. Your opinion, or Frank's or Joel's or indeed anyone else's, is as valid as any other - though when those opinions seem grounded on a very shaky sense of the technical nature of a blog aggregator as it has been in the case of one or two, then I am disinclined to take them very seriously.

Anyway, no: I'm not trying to persuade you that "I'm a nice guy really". I'm just saying, you shouldn't be surprised that I value others' opinions when it's a question of exchanging opinions. It's when they start passing their opinions (or half-baked guessing) as technical fact about Oracle that I very rapidly stop being a nice guy. Anything short of that point, and I have no problem and never have had. (I won't claim a 100% record of clean hands in the matter, however, because I'm not quite the saint with the same amount of restraint that the likes of Tom or Jonathan seem able to muster!)

And there **are** two regular posters here who, I am sad to say, regularly post such put-downs lacking much or any technical content that I have a pretty low opinion of them personally, but that's really not my general mode of operation! (Believe it or not, it's up to you, anyway!)

> ( after the great oracle blogging tag game whatever it was occured )
> when in the past some of your comments to me have been less than
> constrained.

As I say, when I get told in 2008 that DBWR doesn't write to datafiles during manual hot backup mode, I get very unconstrained very rapidly! I don't recall chapter and verse about my exchanges with you now. But I will confidently state that if I gave it to you, you had it coming. Equally probably, there's room for a modicum of climb-down on both sides after all this time.

> Geez I guess I won't be able to get thrown out of dizwell any longer!?

Since there's no forum, no you won't. But I'd throw you out all over again if I could if your behaviour remained as it once was. It comes down to technical fact (or the lack thereof) in your case, if I remember correctly.

> I guess a final sign that the "end was near" when your old site gave
> thanks to the lead singer of the Cherry sisters a clear sign that the
> oracle apocalypse was near if ever I saw one ( kidding kind of ).

The guy bought me too excellent books which I thoroughly enjoyed and which had been on my Amazon wishlist for a very long time. What did you want me to say? "Go screw yourself"? Rude and ill-mannered, I'd call that!

So no, there were no straws in the wind on that one in the slightest. I was as surprised by Don's actions as anyone, but given those actions occurred, I think the least I was socially obligated to do was give him a note of public thanks. It's the lack of social graces on the part of quite a few key people, after all, that is at the heart of my current issues with the "Oracle community", so no I wouldn't go around metaphorically sticking two fingers up to people who, whatever their past behaviour, decided on at least one occasion to be *pleasant*.

Right. That's me really done here, for good, I promise. I've just deleted the shortcut to the site. I won't see any replies. But the email still works, of course, at least for a while. Received on Mon Jan 21 2008 - 04:36:45 CST

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