Re: ADDM advices Oracle's application logic

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:01:07 +0100
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Helma wrote:

> After i recreated the filesystem and put the databack on it, i ran the
> command for an extra datafile with the 10046 trace, and it took 8
> minutes, which seems acceptable for 16Gb. ( how fast are yours?)

Similar effect here. CentOS 5.1 plus LVM, increased extent from (std) 32 to 64M. Two Samsung HD321KJ SATA disks. 4GB memory, Intel E6600, running 2.52 GHz, Oracle, 32 bit. No tracing - creating 4 tablespaces @16GB each:

Tablespace created.
Elapsed: 00:05:16.44

Tablespace created.
Elapsed: 00:05:40.95

Tablespace created.
Elapsed: 00:05:48.19

Tablespace created.
Elapsed: 00:06:19.63

1 minute increase for the 4th ts.
Dropping (including contents and datafiles) seems to go faster with less tablespaces to do:
Tablespace dropped.
Elapsed: 00:00:32.26

Tablespace dropped.
Elapsed: 00:00:29.47

Tablespace dropped.
Elapsed: 00:00:26.20

Tablespace dropped.
Elapsed: 00:00:19.77

I have no idea how to start explaining this.


Frank van Bortel

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