Re: Anyone having troubles with shared server on VMS 10g?

From: Syltrem <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 17:02:40 -0500
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"Malcolm Dunnett" <nothome_at_spammers.are.scum> wrote in message news:4783b046$1_at_flight...
> I have Oracle10g running on an OpenVMS Itanium system (VMS 8.3).
> I'm having an issue with shared server logins sometimes failing to
> complete. It works fine "most of the time" but occasionally (apparently
> more often when the system is busy) a client connection to the server will
> stall. It doesn't return an error, it's just that the login call never
> returns ( at least not within several hours ). Tracing the TCP/IP
> connection on both ends I've determined that the client is still connected
> to the listener (hasn't yet been handed off to the dispatcher), both
> appear to be waiting for the other one to say something.
> Anyone else seen anything like this? I have an SR open with Oracle, but
> so far they seem stumped.

I have had multiple instances where I had to kill the dispatcher process on 9i to enable people to log on again.
Sometimes, the connected sessions would still work, so I just changed tnsnames.ora to use dedicated sessions until the end of the day (at which time I could kill the dispatcher when there were no more shared sessions connected).

After you kill the dispatcher with stop/id, it is automatically restarted and people can connect again.

A few tiomes, too, I had to kill one or 2 runaway (100% CPU) shared server processes (thus disconnecting 1 or 2 clients) to free the dispatcher.

When this happened, the sessions of users wanting to connect appeared to freeze. The dispatcher is simply not responding to the request, or something.

On 10g, it happened only once on a test instance. I didn;t spend a lot of time investigating then.

I sure hope this is less of a problem on 10g. I use shared connections to save on memory with sometimes a lot of web users connected, never know how many thay can be.

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