Re: can someone please explain what this blog tagging this is all about?

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 18:12:02 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 16, 12:01 pm, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> On Jan 15, 7:16 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> > On Jan 15, 2:37 pm, wrote:
> > > Well, sorry you feel that way, but your comments about blog
> > > aggregators clearly indicate you don't use them and you don't
> > > understand them. If you did, you wouldn't say things like "just switch
> > > to another one" because you would know that what affects one affects
> > > them all, by their very nature. Sorry, but them's the facts. What I
> > > was trying to say is, don't try and build too much of a case of such
> > > very shaky foundations, If you don't understand what happened to OraNA
> > > and why it's significant, that's fine: nothing wrong in not using a
> > > service you have no use for. But it's probably not such a good idea to
> > > make pronouncements about someone's behaviour when you don't (appear
> > > to) know much about the actual reality that has given rise to that
> > > behaviour.
> I am another one that doesn't use news readers or blog aggregators
> apparently. Suits me just fine thanks. So to me anyhow it's not
> significant.

Right. You don't use it, therefore it's not significant. Not exactly a deduction I would say flows logically from the premise.

> What does interfere with usage of oracle internet resources is things
> that go offline and online.

Again, if you don't use OraNA, that's fine, and no-one's compelling you to do so. But unless you have seen practically the entire site full of me-too chain letter posts, the distinction you appear to want to draw between a minor bit of chain letter posting and a site going offline is meaningless. For that period of time, OraNA was, effectively, offline to anyone that wanted to use it as a source of information about what Oracle-related matters were being written about. There's no difference between a site that's online and displaying garbage and a site that is offline: both are of no use to their regular users.

>In this specific case I was thinking
> about checking out ( dora I think it was ... linux kernel and user
> setup tool I believe ).
> If this stuff is going to be offline long term then maybe it could get
> re-hosted somewhere else?

If it does get hosted somewhere else, I will be pursuing the matter under relevant copyright provisions!

You seem not to have got the point here. Large parts of the Oracle community turn a blind eye to disruptive behaviour at best; participate in it at worst. Why do you think I would want ANY of my material to be of help to people in such a community?

No-one has a *right* to my material. I made it available as a community-minded gesture, out of the goodness of my own heart as it were, and (of course) an egotistical desire to be recognised as a useful member of that community. But when said community displays its nasty, selfish, unthinking and irresponsible side, I am at liberty to re-think that gesture, just as I am at liberty to re-consider whether I want to be recognised as a contributing member of such a community. I have done that reconsidering, and on both grounds, the material goes. It isn't coming back and anyone who takes unauthorised steps to make it appear elsewhere will be pursued on the matter.

If people don't like that, they have it in their own hands to change it. If people stop writing, "Well, I don't use it so I don't care" and start writing, "I don't use it, but I recognise it's utility to others who do", that would have some bearing on the subject. If people stopped writing "I hate chain letters, but just this once..." and started writing "I hate chain letters and I condemn attempts to start them", that would affect the outcome, too. If people stopped saying, "Well, it's just a bit of fun and your reaction is just that of a spoiled child" and started saying, "I don't agree with your reaction, but I can see that this has been damaging/disruptive, and I quite understand your desire to help stop it", that would affect things, too.

But since none of those things are happening, you should consider the material gone for the duration. Received on Tue Jan 15 2008 - 20:12:02 CST

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