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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 16:17:35 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 9, 5:44 pm, wrote:
> On Jan 10, 12:02 am, "Martijn Tonies"
> <> wrote:
> > >> > >>> I know that quite often members of the group don't see the outcome
> > of
> > >> > >>> what some of us do to fight spam. Here's one positive outcome.
> > >> > >And kudos to Daniel for showing us a positive outcome and for his
> > > > >diligence. And to James for understanding.
> > > > I have to agree, wholeheartedly. It is very easy to grow frustrated,
> > > > seeing the seemingly endless stream of spam spewed upon the forums.
> > > Very true... And in e-mail as well, luckily, I have that filtered. Worse
> > > solutions are floating around the net though.
> > > > That makes it easy to give up and stop sending in the abuse reports.
> > > > Daniel has showed us that it might not be totally futile.
> > > Yep, but as I said, I really wouldn't want to call this a "real" spammer.
> > >I do and I did.
> > >>lnk=gst&q=jg#f8326235fb135c9c
> > Hmm, good call :-)

I meant to add I posted in that other group before I saw Dan's post.

> > --
> > Martijn Tonies
> > Database Workbench - tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL, NexusDB, Oracle &
> > MS SQL Server
> > Upscene Productions
> > My thoughts:
> > Database development questions? Check the forum!
> > >I consider people who perform actions of specific misposting in order
> > >to drive traffic to their sites spammers.  And not a trivial form of
> > >spam either, as this is the sort of thing that can become high volume
> > >very fast, as everyone wants to make a million dollars from other
> > >people googling.
> > >The ethics of me not following the google webmaster help charter is
> > >left as an exercise for the student.
> "I consider people who perform actions of specific misposting in order
> to drive traffic to their sites spammers"
> Good definition. It means all those silly people who have just
> participated in the "8 things you didn't know about me - pass it on to
> 8 others" nonsense in the Blogsphere are also spammers.

Are they really trying to drive traffic to their sites, or just a bit deluded as to the consequences? I think I would have fallen for it had I a regular blog.

> The worry is reading some of the names who have been sucked into the
> innocent-sounding "blog tagging game" as one deluded individual called
> it.
> It's not a game, though: It's a complete waste of time and, worse, it
> drives good information out of the blog aggregators faster than it can
> arrive.

I don't generally use the aggregators, so I was a bit late to this party. I thought it was quite amusing. I thought that since the number of Oracle bloggers seems relatively small, it would limit itself early being something close to a power of 8. You may have changed my mind.

> If a pyramid letter suggesting you can earn a million bucks by passing
> the letter onto 10 others is spam, so is this crapola.
> If you have an Oracle blog and you are "tagged" by one of these
> idiots, please don't "pass it on". By all means share your 8 initimate
> secrets with the world at large, but don't encourage others to do so,
> especially as the general idea of blogs was, from the outset, that
> their authors would share all sorts of information, intimate secrets
> and otherwise, without encouragement

I kind of thought you taking your site offline was an overreaction, but am explicitly making no such public judgement. In general, if something looks to me like an overreaction, I try to assume either I've missed something, or there is some other motivation that I don't know about - but usually would like to, as it is likely to be interesting or informative. Have you had something specific happen having to do with chain letters?

Of course, we all overreact at times, that's not anything to get excited about.


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