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Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 11:56:07 -0800 (PST)
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> Good Day All,
> I'm slowly making my way through the Oracle Database 10g Server manual
> and have a quick question.
> I know that Oracle Database Server uses a spfile to get the
> initialization parameters required for startup.  I also know that
> there is an initialization parameter called SPFILE which contains the
> name of spfile being used by the instance.
> Question:  It doesn't seem possible to me that the SPFILE parameter be
> stored in the spfile since it lists the name of a file to use for
> startup in the startup file.
> Or as an analogy: You can pick up the directions to my house at my
> place.

Try thinking of it like a gps that remembers how you got to the house and where it is. When you leave the house, you can get back to it, no matter where you go.

> If I am interpreting this correctly, wouldn't that mean that this
> parameter has to be stored in some other file?

You very well might think about when to run create pfile from spfile and the converse. Don't forget to consider what might happen in the future if you leave pfiles all over the place.

If the same stuff is in the pfile and spfile, it makes sense that the spfile has what the pfile would need.

> Richard Drouillard


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