Re: application displays date off by one day

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Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 14:23:14 -0800 (PST)
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I believe that we (myself, and my co-workers), with the help of others, have identified the cause and a solution.

I hope that the following information will prevent some other poor soul from going through what I and my co-worker have experienced over the last few days.

I suspected, at least recently, that the problem existed in the presentation layer, and to a certain extent it seems that was a correct assumption. All the debugging, and trouble shooting that we did suggested that the UIX/ADF was not rendering the date correctly. That is, when it converted the Date to a String for presentation it did so incorrectly. I further concluded that the reason for this was that some parameter that the conversion routine used was either not set, or set incorrectly. At first I assumed that this setting must originate either in the database, or in the application server, since the application had been previously deployed, and the problem did not surface in the previous deployment.

It turns out that I was right on one account and wrong on another. The conversion routine was incorrectly rendering the Date as a result of a parameter not being set, but the parameter in question was in the data model and not in the application server, nor the database. The conversion routine failed to produce the correct result because the Format Type of the View Object attribute was not set.

To set the Format Type of the View Object here is what I did:

  1. Opened the View Object in the View Object Editor
  2. Expanded the attributes
  3. Selected the attribute the was not displaying properly (i.e. MyDateField )
  4. Selected the Control Hints tab on the View Object Editor 5.Set Format Type to Simple Date

And that is how I was able to resolve the issue.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.

Hopefully my pain and suffering will lessen someone else's.


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