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Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 11:07:19 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 8, 10:02 am, mamu <> wrote:
> On Jan 8, 10:25 pm, Mark D Powell <> wrote:
> > On Jan 8, 9:06 am, "" <> wrote:
> > > On Jan 8, 12:36 am, wrote:
> > > > Hello all,
> > > > I am new to taking backups in Oracle. Say if I create a database with
> > > > the Archived log space as 10GB . Now if I have a daily backup , I see
> > > > that it eats up quite a lot of space. Now how do I move some of the
> > > > archived logs or delete them ? Do I have to necessarily use RMAN for
> > > > the same ? Just doing an 'rm' doesn't seem to help.
> > > > thanks.
> > > > Madhu M
> > > What, exactly, are you including in this backup?  Where are you
> > > storing it on the server?  How large is the filesystem for the
> > > archivelogs?  How may archivelogs do you generate in an hour?  How
> > > large, on average, are your archivelogs?  What do you mean by 'Just
> > > doing an 'rm' doesn't seem to  help.'?  Which release of Oracle are
> > > you using?  How  large is your database?
> > > You need to provide much more information than  you have before anyone
> > > can provide any suggestions.
> > > David Fitzjarrell
> > The Oracle release which David asked for is important as is how you
> > currently perform your backups such as do you perform rman or manual
> > backups, are the archive logs included in rman backup or not, and have
> > the archived logs been backed up to tape?
> > You need to describe your current environment and process enough so
> > that the advice given is appropriate for your environment.
> > HTH -- Mark D Powell --
> Thanks David ,Mark. The following is the required information :
> Oracle version : Oracle 10g. ( 10.1.2.)
> On the server , I am storing it on a separate partition .
> Size of the partition - 20 gb
> Size of Archivelogs - It fills up around 1gb per day.
> I am not sure how big the database is , but it has around 400 tables.
> What do you suggest as the backup strategy ? Please advice. How do I
> take backup of these archive logs ?

You must read the documentation! Go to and find the RMAN manuals, notice there is a quick start manual.

RMAN stands for Recovery Manager - being able to recover is the point, right? RMAN can be more efficient than other forms of backups because it can know what Oracle is doing.

Many people think the ONE THING that a DBA must be able to do is recover. It is a large subject, and very important. It requires practice, practice, practice - you must be able to respond correctly during a very stressful time.

There are examples in the documentation. However, they encompass many different strategies. So, the first thing you must do is find out what sort of service level you must have. Are you a data warehouse? An OLTP? 24/7? Will your business fail if the computer is down for an hour? Do you need a standby database? Do you really only have 20G to play with? Do you really not know how to figure out how big your database is?

The very basic thing you must do is understand when and why you need these archive logs. You need to have the proper ones available when you need to recover. Oracle can do some types of recovery automatically - if it has the information it needs.

For the types of systems I work on, I generally like to keep several days of archive logs around - this has saved my backside a number of times. I also have been saved by redundancy - taking a full backup every day with the logs means I have several copies of the archive logs. I have also been saved by physical separation of devices with redundant copies.

Some people say as soon as you've backed them up you can delete them. I rarely agree. But I do a lot of strange things to avoid Oracle limitations, too. Hardware is not to be trusted, people being perfect even less so.

Some people like Robert Freeman's books.


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