Re: help tracking down root of high executions.

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 08:17:49 -0800
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Ben wrote:
> AIX 5.2 64bit.
> I've got a few sql statements that are being executed once every
> centisecond or so, according to an AWR report. I can see the type of
> program that is executing the statement but our ERP system is setup in
> a way that pretty much everyone gets the same database user name, so
> it's hard to track down where or what is executing the statements.
> With my knowledge of our ERP and our database in general I can't of
> anything that should be executing this rapidly.
> What would be a good way to attempt to find out exactly what is
> causing this?

What is the SQL statement?

If you don't know then try this:

SELECT * FROM TABLE(dbms_xplan.display_cursor('dpcugg8dz3y5k'));

Substituting your sql_id for the one above.

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