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From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 11:13:31 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 3, 1:29 am, Rosie <> wrote:
> On Dec 31 2007, 5:36 pm, Rosie <> wrote:
> > Using Oracle 9i -
> > Using PL/SQL
> > Is there a command like SQL's show table command that will show all
> > the information for a specific table, like the table columns & size,
> > any views, indexes, procedures, constraints, triggers, etc. associated
> > with the table?
> > Also, is there a command to show the dependancies associated to a
> > table?
> > Thanks,
> THANK YOU to eveyone for the info provided. To give more info, I am
> new to Oracle (learning by books) and need to do a print out of each
> schema by table that includes any indexes, views, procedures,
> triggers, dependencies, etc. associated with the table and all the
> attributes of each.
> In Oracle RDB using SQL, you can type the command show table
> table_name and everything created for that table appears - indexes,
> views, triggers, etc. I was hoping there was a command for Oracle
> using PL/SQL that would do the same thing.
> Currently, I am using OEM to generate the printouts but was hoping
> there was something else available (less time consuming).
> So, if I am understanding correctly, the alternative in getting what I
> am looking for -- the table plus it's indexes, triggers, etc. would
> need to be done programmatically through the information Mark & Mladen
> provided gathering the information from multiple table views specified
> in the dictionary.
> Any additional assistance is greatly appreciated.

Apologies if my reply shows up more than once ... google groups sometimes is a little unpredictable.

Oracle has a nice interface thru dbms_metadata ( a plsql api ) that let's you get what you want. I have a procedure that slices and dices schema's into separate files ( table definitions, pk and foreign key definitions, views, triggers, additional indexes ... etc ) by using a combination of calls to dbms_metadata and then writes info out by plsql utl_file calls. Do you want me to send you that procedure?

There are some good GUI tools that also do this for you. Toad by Quest software has a nice interface and has a freeware version as well as one you can get for a 30 day trial I believe. Oracle now supplies a tool called SQL Developer that is free and does similar things in a GUI windows or linux environment ( Toad is only windows ). There's other tools like that also. Received on Thu Jan 03 2008 - 13:13:31 CST

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