upgrade database fro 9 to 10

From: anotnio12 <antonio12_at_poczta.onet.pl>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:09:11 +0100
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    I am traying to upgrade database source : destination : with 10.2 Database Upgrade Assittant. At the end when program what to start upgrade i saw information :

1 - The instance version does not match the dictionary version which is possible when the database is not patched to the release. Execute catpatch.sql from source OracleHome/rdbms/admin/ before you start the upgrade process, to resolve this conflict.

What is this catpatch? I need tu apple before upgrade?

2 - The dblinks have password in them. These passwords will be invalid after upgrade. Change the passwords before upgrade.

Why the assitant chage password on dblinks?

3 - The default privileges, previously assigned to the CONNECT role, have changed. Once the upgrade process is complete, users assigned with the CONNECT role will only have the CREATE SESSION privilege. To provide more privileges, you must manually assign the required privileges to the users/role.

This is a big problem after upgrade i need to add role connect to each user?

4 - The Upgrade Assistant has identified some INVALID objects in the source database. Make a note of these objects in order to compare them with the list of invalid objects at the end of the upgrade process.

Where can i find information about this bad object to comper after upgrade?

5 - Database contains stale optimizer statistics. Refer to the 10g Upgrade Guide for instructions to update statistics prior to upgrading the database.

What is this?

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