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Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 20:41:15 -0800
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> DA Morgan says...

>> Bora Yuret wrote:
>>> The document is in Turkish Mr.Morgan, so i did not put it here.
>> And as I wrote when I first requested it my girlfriend was born
>> in Ankara. I suspect that means that doing so should not be a
>> huge issue at least for me. And I doubt I am the only person here
>> who has access to someone who speaks your language.
>> Post it if you wish to continue this.
> Why don't you ask your good friend Mark T to publish Oracle
> side of the story and prove that Bora is a liar.

No one has said that Bora is a liar. What has been said is that there is more to the story and that is confirmed.

I now have a copy of the letter and its translation, and I am dealing with it in an appropriate forum which is not this usenet group.

A copy can be found here if anyone is interested:

If you are looking for a good soap opera try American TV. If you are looking to contribute something constructive that would be a welcome change.

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