Re: irrevelant with this group but i really need help (About bringing a suit against Oracle University Turkey)

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Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 18:05:51 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 2, 5:45 am, Bora Yuret <> wrote:
> Thanks for your answer,
> I think the problem is being an alternative for Oracle University
> Turkey educations.
> I got a warning form Oracle Turkey's lawyer that i was using Oracle
> database without license
> and i was using Oracle education courseware.

Well, we know part 1 of that sentence is incorrect if, truly, you are using Oracle XE and nothing but Oracle XE. So long as, for example, you're not also trying to throw in a bit of Application Server training or Oracle Identity Management or any of the other parts of the Oracle stack...

Part 2 of that sentence is where your troubles start, however.

I presume you are not mad enough to actually copy the Oracle courseware and give it to your customers? That you have, instead, written your own material?

If you have indeed used Oracle's own courseware, you'd better accept defeat now. If you have written your own material, you had also better be prepared to fight on the subject, because you had their own material to hand when you wrote yours. The natural inference is going to be that you used the one to help you write the other, and that could be construed as breach of copyright. It would depend entirely on the similarity of your documentation to theirs. If the format, layout, graphics or similar stylistic elements are even vaguely similar, you have a tough mountain to climb persuading a court that you didn't copy any of the content, too. You will also have to bear in mind the terms of your contract of employment with the Corporation, since that probably has a bearing on the matter too. You had better, for example, not started writing a word of your documentation until long after you left Oracle's employment, or you will find that they own the copyright in what you quite reasonably (but probably erroneously) consider to be your own documentation.

In all these things, too, it helps to have hands that are cleaner than clean. If you have *ever* taught with non-XE software or ever *once* copied their courseware, you're in trouble because you've only got to do it once for them to hold that over you for a long, long time.

> But i am using Oracle Database XE for the database and using Sideris
> courseware for my educations.

I don't know what Sideris courseware is, but it again comes down to the issues I mentioned above.

> I also think that the problem is another thing. But i do not know
> what. They only warned me that i couldn't use
> Oracle Database for my educations. And i wondered if it was forbidden
> to use Oracle Database XE without license.
> the problem is about Gokhan Uguroglu, the manager of Oracle University
> Turkey.
> He doesn't allow any companies to provide Oracle educations except two
> company.
> But i do not know to whom i can complaint about him.
> So i decided to go to Court about this subject.

That's fine. Good luck to you. The law is there for a reason -which is to protect people from being bullied and intimidated. If you are genuinely using XE and only XE and if the course material you use wasn't written by Oracle, copied from Oracle's material or was produced whilst you were employed by Oracle, it would seem that they have no case to answer. Only time will tell. Make sure your lawyer is a good one, though. Received on Tue Jan 01 2008 - 20:05:51 CST

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