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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 12:00:34 +0100
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> Hi,
> We are looking into the possibility of virtualizing a number of our
> with VMWare ESX. This includes some Oracle 10g servers. We know Oracle
> "officially" certifying this setup, however, i'm convinced that in our
> situation it might work well. OracleVM might be an alternative but I
> if it's mature enough.
> So, is there anyone with postive/negative experiences with VMWare that
> to share their opinions ? If you want you can contact me offlist at
> (dot) hoys (at) skynet (dot) be.
> Thanks
> Matthias

You should also pay attention (if you need) to the oracle licensing method over third party virtual machine (not recognized). You should pay not for the virtual processors but for the real ones on the host VMWARE ESX server.
So if you have just 2 oracle virtual server for example, on a VMWARE host, with 10 virtual machine you should pay for all the real core processor of the host machine. There is not a virtual licensing policy for oracle.


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