Re: Data migration from informix to oracle 10g R2

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 19:53:11 +0100
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chijar wrote:

> On 27 dic, 15:38, Frank van Bortel <> wrote:

>> chijarwrote:
>>> Source: Informix
>>> Target: Oracle 10gR2 std Edition / LINUX RHEL AS v.4
>>> Dear all,
>>> i have to migrate data from several plain text files corresponding,
>>> each one of them, from INFORMIX tables.
>>> I dont have access to informix database. The information will be in
>>> text files and this data will be sending periodically, and the total
>>> data size of plain text files is about 30Gb. monthly.
>>> So, i must to do something in order to upload data (the data model is
>>> the same than source) and I will thinking migrate with sqlloader.
>>> Would you give me a light about that?
>>> Is fine or bad? or
>>> What another way do you give me in order to upload data?
>>> Please apologize my english and thanks a lot for your answers.
>>> cesar.
>> Will work just fine. It is the same method, the Migration
>> Workbench will use - but that also generates the sql*loader
>> control files. Watch out for large objects!
>> Just tell me - how do you plan to do the migration?
>> The is a certain time when the Informix goes down, data
>> needs to be moved, and Oracle comes up.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Frank van Bortel
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> =) Thanks for your answer dear friend.
> But when you said "Watch out for large objects!" ... Would you refer
> to Workbench or sql*loader? and why? if i suppose this tools is
> prepared for little and large objects !!
> How do i plan my migration?
> well, i think something like that:
> - i receive the plain text.
> - upload the files to the tables in oracle
> - i see the results.
> That's all ??? is that ok?

LOBs - not supported by Informix (call them Memo?). Cannot be loaded directly by SQL*Loader, can be handled, but it's a bit of a hassle.

As to the migration it self: you seem to migrate data asynchronously - at some point in time, your Informix system needs to be shutdown - how do keep track of changes since your last load into Oracle?!?

Frank van Bortel

Top-posting is one way to shut me up...
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