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Re: Catalogue of SQL and PL/SQL bad practices: Call for participation

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 15:23:40 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Dec 20, 1:34 am, Helma <> wrote:
> On 20 dec, 09:13, Gojko Adzic <> wrote:
> > I started compiling a list of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL bad practices,
> > with the intention of producing a comprehensive catalogue of common
> > and recurring programming mistakes, that can be used as a check-list
> > for code reviews or given to junior developers. I have identified
> > about 30 bad practices so far. For each bad practice, I provided a
> > list of symptoms in the code, an explanation why it causes problems
> > and a list of preferred solutions.
> > My goal with this list is primarily to start a discussion about
> > similar recurring issues that other people have noticed. That
> > discussion should lead to a more complete list which the community
> > will then be able to use, hopefully, to learn something from the
> > mistakes of others and to produce better code.
> > I would really appreciate your feedback - if you are interested in
> > discussing these practices we can either do it in this usenet group,
> > or start a separate mailing list.
> > You can download the first version of the catalogue in PDF form from
> > --
> > gojko adzic
> interesting project! But ...Effective Oracle Programming? Shouldn't
> that be Defective Oracle Programming?

LOL! Also we should maybe help out (kudos to Eddie Awad for blogging about that).

My name in glowing phosphors! (I'm not sure why, but the asktom download isn't working for me, get an empty archive, might be local security).

Richard Foote on his blog has more information about magic number badness with indexes.

Remember to give credit where credit is due - you might want a reference appendix.


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