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Re: Unable to manually create RAC database

From: The Boss <usenet_at_No.Spam.Please.invalid>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 22:04:01 +0100
Message-ID: <476599cb$0$85790$>

DA Morgan wrote:

> The Boss wrote:
>> DA Morgan wrote:
>>> trub3101 wrote:
>>>> On 15 Dec, 12:59, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>>>>> trub3101 wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Guru's,
>>>>>> I am hoping that someone (anyone!) will be able to provide me
>>>>>> with some assistance with this as my RAC experience is very
>>>>>> limited. I have been trying to manually create a new RAC database
>>>>>> <new_RAC_db> but I keep getting this error message:
>>>>>> create database "<new_RAC_db>"
>>>>>> *
>>>>>> ERROR at line 1:
>>>>>> ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
>>>>>> The servers (hosted) came online yesterday with <test_RAC_db>
>>>>>> running (no db build script provided!)however, because of the
>>>>>> db_block_size (too small) this
>>>>>> is of no use to our business needs

>>>>> What is the operating system?
>>>>> What block size did it come with?
>>>>> What block size do you need and why?
>>>>>> create database "<new_RAC_db>"
>>>>>>         maxinstances 10
>>>>>>         maxlogfiles 20
>>>>>>         maxdatafiles 100
>>>>>>         maxlogmembers 5
>>>>>>         character set "UTF8"
>>>>>>         datafile '/opt/app/oracle/oradata/<new_RAC_db>/system/
>>>>>> system01.dbf' size 250M
>>>>>> <balance snipped>

>>>>> I have never seen anyone successfully build a RAC cluster using
>>>>> this method. I am sure someone has but why put yourself through
>>>>> so much pain with no gain.

>>>>> Use DBCA.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Daniel A. Morgan
>>>>> Oracle Ace Director & Instructor
>>>>> University of Washington
>>>>> (replace x with u to respond)
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>>>> Hi Daniel,
>>>> Thanks for your quick reply.
>>>> The OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4
>>>> The block size for <new_RAC_db> is 8192
>>>> The current requirement is 16384 which when created will be
>>>> populate by an export dmp.
>>>> All our tablespaces for the database being migrated across has a
>>>> 16k blocksize.
>>>> Forgive my ignorance but I have to admit I am not clear on how to
>>>> call up DBCA as the servers are being hosted by an outside company.
>>>> Thanks again for you reply.
>>> 8K is the correct block size for Linux. Creating a 16K blocksize
>>> will likely gain you precisely nothing but extra work. Look up how
>>> to choose a block size on Howard Roger's site:
>> Can you provide a more precise pointer to Howard's site where he
>> states "8K is the correct block size for Linux"?
>> Please read his article which
>> seems to be far more balanced than such a simplistic "silver bullet"
>> advice.
> Let me point you to the first sentence of what Howard wrote:
> "If you are buffering your I/O (that is, your file system has its own
> buffering mechanism, as most do by default), then your Oracle block
> size should match your file system's buffer size exactly"
> With every system I have ever seen where the o/s is Linux or Windows
> that will be 8K.

Do you always draw conclusions after reading the opening sentence of an article?
And in this case you also seem to neglect the "if ..then .." nature of that sentence.
Near the end of the article you'll find a paragraph "And if I were a 10g data warehouse with direct I/O and automatic tuning" where Howard explicitly favors 16K over 8K.
May I also suggest reading the last paragraph "So there are no really simple answers?"

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