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MI5-Persecution: Why would they be doing this to you, sir? (5604)

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Date: 16 Dec 2007 12:22:17 GMT
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MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 15 May, 1998

The persecution has been quite severe for the last week. It appears that my enemies are reacting to the steady stream of faxes making their way over the Atlantic to the fax machines of Westminster politicians and the media. Here is whats happened in the last few days;

The week started off with an incident in the cafeteria at a local shopping centre where I habitually drink my morning coffee. My enemies have concentrated since winter 1995/96 on throwing a particularly horrible sexual slander against me. They "put people up" to repeat this slander against me, and this is what happened again here.

On Thursday morning (yesterday), instead of going to the usual cafeteria I went to a nearby convenience store for coffee. The same horrible sexual slander was shouted at me very loudly by a member of staff as I walked into the store. This was the first time I had ever bought morning coffee in that shop. The other staff obviously knew what was going on, one of them said, "they screwed up my life".

The fax gateway I use to send these faxes to the UK has been working hard these last few days to shut down my access by barring the accounts I use to send these faxes.

I have received an anonymous threat from fax number 0171-219-6101 (the machine gave its name as "ETRA-HoC") which said, "Stop sending to this fax no 0171-219-6101 or else" (the consequences of continued transmission were unspecified). I invited the sender to apologise for his threat, but received no response.

This all adds up to quite a severe reaction to my faxes of the last few weeks. I actually find this quite heartening since it shows that my faxes are finding the mark and there may yet be a breakthrough in my efforts to expose the Security Service conpiracy of abuse against me which has now been going on for eight years.

MI5 Persecution: "Why would they be doing this to you, sir?"

This article will concentrate on the difficult question of "Why". The question which forms the title of this piece was asked of me by the police officer I spoke to in Easter 1995, when I went to make my complaint.

There are really two sides to this question. Firstly, why should MI5 be harassing anybody in this fashion? Secondly, if they choose to behave in this way, why should they have selected me in particular, and not somebody else? Alternatively, why did the persecution start, and why is it continuing?

I do not have definite answers to either side of this question, since my persecutors have usually kept themselves hidden and only acted through other parties. To know "why", one would have to know who the persecutors are, and something of their personalities, since their abuse is almost certainly symptomatic of a personality disorder of the abusers. Certain things however can be deduced about the abusers from the nature of their behaviour, and I will talk about this later in the article.

Why did it start?

It is clear that the persecution must have been initiated by someone who knew me personally, either at school, or at university, or socially, and knew that I was borderline mentally ill, since this is what makes me a target for the persecutors. Unfortunately, the originators have never been identified, and there are several possible candidates. Neither has the link from the originators of the persecution, to the persecutors themselves, ever been made clear. So who are the originators?

University Staff

The identity of the originators may lie in the timing of the persecution. It started in June 1990, while I was finishing a course at Imperial College in London, and a year after I graduated from Cambridge, where I received a degree in computer science. At Cambridge I had achieved some notoriety in the computer lab from various nefarious exploits. Roger Needham attacked me by saying that "there were great hopes for it, but it failed terribly". When I started at Imperial I found that my reputation had preceded me; Cambridge computer lab had spoken to I.C. lecturers about me. I.C. lecturer Frank McCabe summed up commenting about "setting up a straw man so you can tear him down". (Despite being "torn down" by the Cambridge computer labs lecturers, I still achieved a good first degree and a Masters degree at Imperial.)

Other students at university

So, the originators may have been university staff who knew me from my student days. But there are other possibilities. I had other enemies at university, including some fellow students. At my Cambridge college it was common knowledge that my mental health was dubious, and it was known that I talked to myself in my sleep - the floor and walls were quite permeable to noise, so other students heard. I was given the nickname "gibber" because of this habit. Sometime later, I managed to catch myself talking in my sleep when I woke up in the middle of the night.

Here is a quote from a participant in the internet newsgroup where I have been posting for the last three years;

>One thing which has been missing from this discussion is this simple
>prognosis: that maybe he is right and that, despite his admitted
>mental condition, there really is a campaign against him organised by
>now-influential ex-students of his university.

People I knew socially

I had yet other enemies in 1990 (I am a man of many enemies!). In January 1990 I broke up with some people I had been going out with socially. One of them, by the name of Andy Turner, wrote a letter to Alan Freeman, who at the time was a Radio 1 DJ. Freeman read part of the letter out on his Rock Show, about the "one who wore out his welcome with random precision", saying "thats a hell of a letter you wrote there Andy", and "with a schizophrenic youre never alone".

It is my belief that Andy Turner and his friends were trying to make trouble for me, and Turner wrote to Freeman with this in mind. Freeman may have discussed the letter with others, and things may have snowballed from there. This is, of course, pure supposition. The fact is that I do not know who the originators are, and can only guess.

Once it started, why is it continuing?

The answer to this question is obvious. It is unacceptable to the "powers that be" in the UK to have somebody running around who knows he has been targeted by the Security Service and media organizations, and who is in a position to embarrass British institutions. This has become particularly evident in the last week; as I send more faxes to UK politicians and media, so the pressure on me grows, and the volume of abuse increases.

Part of the reason the persecution continues is in the personalities of the abusers, and it is this subject to which I will turn to next, since the key to understanding the persecution lies in understanding those who carry it out, as much as we can.

The Security Service operatives, the persecutors, are they psychopaths?

Let us first examine the definition of the term "psychopath". DSM-IV defines "anti-social personality disorder" as a "pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others ... deceitfulness, irritability and aggressiveness ... consistent irresponsibility and lack of remorse". The Harvard Mental Health Letter of Sept 1995 describes these people as using "charm, manipulation, intimidation and violence to control others and satisfy their own needs. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they cold-bloodedly take what they want and do as they please", having "no guilt or regret".

I must say, reading this description of the condition, that it fits the persecutors perfectly. The persecutors have never shown the slightest remorse or guilt. Even when I was severely ill, they continued to abuse me. They have repeatedly blamed their actions on me, which is another trait common amongst psychopaths. They have no respect for my legal or personal rights, and they use intimidation and verbal violence.

If the MI5 operatives are psychopaths then it would explain both why the persecution started, and the degree of verbal violence. Psychopaths by definition damage other people; here, the MI5 operatives find an outlet for their personality disorder, through "cripple-kicking".

Xenophobia on the basis of mental illness, and race

My enemies have made clear many times that one of the reasons they are persecuting me is because of my admitted mental illness. However, it is my belief that they are also persecuting me because I am not of ethnic English origin, and the fact that there have been several incidents of an overtly racist nature reinforces this view.

In one case, two youths on a tube train in London made openly racist references to me as a "soft toy, not up to British Standards". Another person near my home made remarks about "Polish people". In yet another incident in Croydon, a youth made comments about "foreigners".

But the main thrust of their xenophobia is because of my mental illness. I should make clear that I do not look ill; if you met me, you would not know that I had the illness. I take a relatively low dose of medication, and feel quite well. But the persecutors have repeatedly harped on about my supposed serious mental illness; they have called me a "nutter", a "schizophrenic", etc. They have also persuaded other people to use these terms of abuse. They are able to get away with this because abusing the mentally ill is still something which is mostly acceptable in Britain; the media do it, "nutter" is not taboo in the way that "nigger" is.


There are several groups of people who might have wished to cause me trouble, and I still do not know who originated the persecution. Nor do I know how the originators came to be in contact with the (presumed) Security Service operatives who have been carrying out the campaign. To know conclusively why it started, we would have to know who started it, and this information is not available.

However, we can infer some things about the personalities of the persecutors from their methods, and from the degree of verbal violence they employ. It is clear that a main reason for the continuing harassment is the psychopathic disorder of the MI5 agents who carry it out. That they have never been "brought to book" for their misdeeds reinforces their belief that they do no wrong; and, unhappily, until they are brought to book, their persecution campaign looks set to continue.


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