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Re: Oracle Linux/Virtualization Software

From: shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 18:04:29 +0100
Message-ID: <4750429f$0$229$>

<> schreef in bericht
> On 30 Nov., 14:53, hpuxrac <> wrote:
>> On Nov 29, 9:01 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:
>> snip
>> > I'm not counseling blind acceptance. I'm not advising anyone to take
>> > anything at face value. Isn't it Tom Kyte who has advised over and over
>> > again the importance of not accepting claims made by self-anointed
>> > experts?
>> Well actually I think it starts back with the Greeks and Romans as far
>> as indo-european history goes.
>> > What is at issue here is the difference between scepticism (healthy)
>> > and
>> > cynicism (attitude). I am not saying Oracle is correct and I'm not
>> > saying Oracle is incorrect. Because I haven't tested the claim in my
>> > lab
>> > and don't know of any reputable independent source that has.
>> > What I object to is this cynical repudiation of a claim based solely
>> > on the person's attitude of unblemished negativity. There isn't one
>> > person here that has weighed in with a value judgment that any single
>> > data point, even a poorly created one, that supports their statement.
>> You know this blind advocacy of anything oracle is getting pretty old
>> here in cdos from certain posters. As far as I know my original post
>> in this thread concerning VM said this ...
>> "Oracle claims their VM is 3 times as fast as anything else. Sounds
>> pretty fishy to many of us."
>> Maybe you should read a definition of "fishy"?
>> All in all based on the hype from Larry and others in OOW 2007 without
>> any benchmarks provided, tangible testing results ... fishy seems to
>> be right on target to me. It might even be optimistic?
> Things become a bit clearer when looking at the FAQ:
> "How is Oracle VM three times more efficient than existing x86 server
> virtualization products?
> Oracle ran many performance benchmarks comparing Oracle products
> running with Oracle VM against the existing leading server
> virtualization product and also with Oracle products on non-
> virtualized operating systems on x86 and x86-64. Oracle consistently
> saw much better resource
> utilization with an average of three times less overhead using Oracle
> VM, and also saw significant
> scalability with virtual SMP. In many cases, the comparison with real
> hardware was approximately
> equal in performance."
> I interpret "three times more efficient" as meaning "the overhead of
> other VM products vs. real hardware was cut down to a quarter". So in
> cases of low overhead, the net gain is small and the claim sounds far
> less dramatic.
> The crucial questions here are of course: what is X? What hardware
> was it tested on? What applications were benchmarked?
> Kind regards
> robert

So to make a calculation (just as an example, no exact figures...)

If VMware has an overhead of 15 % (leaving 85% efficiency) Oracle claims about 4% overhead (96% efficiency), giving an net efficiency gain of about 11%.... which is different from 'three times as fast'.....

I think 'overhead' is relative, depending on how many vm's are running on 1 host. And does Oracle take into account the extra server needed for the manager?

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