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Rek : DB2 DBA | Bostan MA | 40

From: <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 13:03:58 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

I have a three month contract looking for someone with not that much experience 3-5 years it's in Massachussetts and the rate is 40, please let me know if you have anyone... (

The title is a DB2 DBA....

Understand project requirements, provide advisory

services to enhance project returns Evaluate new features and provide

recommendations on new DB releases Coordinate DB design reviews Execute DDL

Creation and Implementation Design backup/export/import and restore strategy

Design purge and reorganization strategy Design DB monitoring strategy

Validate backup/export scripts are functioning as desired Design and develop

DBA applicable turnover documentation Provide support to off-shore S&M prior

to off-shore turn over Contribute and review Logical models for

transformational projects Provide DB Infrastructure recommendations and

reviews of recommendations Execute Logical modeling for Non transformational

projects Execute table refresh design for Development and Quality Assurance

instances Create user/user account management Design space management

procedures Create Data Base, tablespaces, tables , indexes, views

Collaborate with Application owners to size the Initial database and provide

projections for 3-5 years Design DB column layout and initial configuration

requirements Execute Physical modeling Advise applications team on

performance testing requirements Execute iterative performance tuning until

optimum performance is confirmed Review and provide recommendations to

optimize applications developed SQL code Contribute to design requirements

for co-existence testing Contribute to the creation of Stored Procedures and

triggers on DB's Design and develop backup/export/import and restore

execution scripts Design and develop purge and re-organization execution

scripts to be executed by operational DBA's Design and develop monitoring

process-configure Quest tools Advise and recommend applications team on

database upgrades Collaborate with the Security Architect to design security

for the DB Perform Data Dictionary Language Management and version control

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