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Re: some thoughts on OOW 2007

From: Glen <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 14:35:00 GMT
Message-ID: <ogC0j.8144$Ji6.4088@edtnps89>

DA Morgan wrote:

> Glen wrote:

>> DA Morgan wrote:
>>> Noons wrote:
>>>> On Nov 19, 1:10 am, hpuxrac <> wrote:
>>>>> sniperidoo...
>>>>> The other item receiving time from Larry was the fusion app's
>>>>> announcements or lack thereof.  My own quick take on this was
>>>>> basically "well we are not yet willing to announce that the fusion app
>>>>> rewrites of ebiz and other stuff appears to be sliding off the
>>>>> original schedules ... next question?".
>>>>> There's some kind of new holding strategy of integration packs where
>>>>> some subset of existing ERP app functionality points will be
>>>>> selectively available in fusion ... looks like a treading deep water
>>>>> approach as best as I understand it.
>>>> "fusion" was always too near "fiction"
>>>> for my taste...
>>>>> Many of the presentation sessions ( as usual unfortunately ) seemed to
>>>>> be a name game thing.  Put something unique in the name of it and try
>>>>> to fill a room before people catch on.
>>>> oow is a marketeers paradise.  always was, always will be.
>>>> its main value for techos is the opportunity for networking with
>>>> their peers.  the "unconference" idea might be a germ of
>>>> something sensible in future, we'll see...
>>> I don't know where you guys were but material presented during some of
>>> the sessions was immensely valuable. Larry Carpenter's Data Guard
>>> presentations, the presentations on 11g Streams, AQ, and RMAN. If you
>>> missed them you missed some real value. The RAC Pack's sessions too.
>>> And for the 45,000+ of you that missed Mary Ann Davidson's session in
>>> the OTN Lounge on the third-floor of Moscone West. C'est dommage. This
>>> is as close as you'll get. <g>

>> I found it good, a little overwhelming, but still bearable if one
>> sticks to the things he/she is most interested in. I did have a few
>> instances where I had to choose between a few sessions I wanted to
>> see, and I did find at least one that wasn't much more that a plug for
>> a 3rd party product.

>> The no slide zone is a great idea, and I wish I had taken some time to
>> visit the OTN lounge more when the unconference was happening.

>> The sunday night live event was ok, albeit a tad over the top at
>> times. Hearing Larry talk about the companies beginnings first hand
>> was very good, having a loud band playing so you couldn't talk to your
>> neighbor was not so good (especially the cheesy "Oracle always rocks"
>> number at the end)

>> All in all I found it valuable, but am thinking about giving next
>> years show a pass and taking in the Collaborate event instead.

>> ps. although I spent even less time out of the conference/hotel
>> confines this year than past, I did manage to go run the Golden Gate
>> in the fog..
> For me OOW is hard work. I schedule meetings beginning at 7:00am and
> rarely see a pillow before midnight. And I attend none of the popular
> events such as Larry's keynote preferring to watch them in the quiet
> of a hotel room where I can pay more careful attention.
> This year I attended about a dozen sessions between meetings and my own
> Unconference presentations. Richard Foote did at least three
> Unconference presentations that, alone, were worth the price of admission.

The sunday night event was the only keynote I bothered going to the hall for, and that was unintentional. I was walking in to look at the new mini-exhibit area that was in the Moscone north when I found my self being herded down the escalators with a bunch of others with gold passes. I was going to head back up to the main lobby when I spotted a fellow I have taken courses from Edmonton (and one of your fellow ACE's) so decided to go in and watch the show with him instead.

I definitely wish I'd caught Richard Foote doing his sessions, hopefully they'll continue this format in the future.. Received on Tue Nov 20 2007 - 08:35:00 CST

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