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some thoughts on OOW 2007

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 06:10:25 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

The weather was great resulting in some nice running days. I met up with several people that joined the runners group on the connect deal. A real nice long run from downtown one day across the GG bridge and back maybe 18 miles or so.

On the database side of things there was "not so much" to report. Larry's keynote was just kind of strange and disconnected. Two items received some time one being Oracle VM ... kind of a late to the market move by oracle with the usual pricing to undercut established players yet it doesn't change ( so far anyhow ) oracle's licensing and pricing in a VM environment.

The other item receiving time from Larry was the fusion app's announcements or lack thereof. My own quick take on this was basically "well we are not yet willing to announce that the fusion app rewrites of ebiz and other stuff appears to be sliding off the original schedules ... next question?".

There's some kind of new holding strategy of integration packs where some subset of existing ERP app functionality points will be selectively available in fusion ... looks like a treading deep water approach as best as I understand it.

Many of the presentation sessions ( as usual unfortunately ) seemed to be a name game thing. Put something unique in the name of it and try to fill a room before people catch on.

One specific examples of that was ( something to the effect ) "Storage administrator secrets that they don't want DBA's to know". Nothing substantial presented in that session however except that oracle has
( grid control only ) some storage systems ( EMC ) that now offer
( extra charges apply ) a way to navigate thru the GUI to a read only
view of some of the performance info from the storage subsystem. I guess I should have known better eh?. Received on Sun Nov 18 2007 - 08:10:25 CST

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