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MI5 Persecution: Leicester Square 9/2/98 (14275)

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Date: 11 Nov 2007 10:56:55 GMT
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Leicester Square - 9/Feb/1998

In February 1998 I spent some time in Leicester Square, in the West End of London. This is a very busy area of London, and one which can be relied on to produce "contacts". Capital Radio's offices and their cafe are located here, the Trocadero is nearby, and the place is full of cinemas and entertainment venues.

Certainty level: 100%

A young girl is heard to say, "Alright I'm going to talk to myself" to her friends, followed by all of them laughing together, as I passed by.

Believe me, I do not look mad in real life, these young people would not have directed their comments and laughter at me unless they had already been told by others that I was ill. I am absolutely certain that their behaviour was directed at me, and this audio file is particularly clear.

Certainty level: 60%

This one was recorded in a cafe in Green Park. Two women are talking to each other, one of them says to the other, "something wrong with him", with an emphasis on the "wrong".

The words "something wrong with him" have been repeated at me dozens of times, at my former workplace in Canada, in England, etc. The words are quite deliberately chosen to have two meanings; they obviously imply that I am ill, without forcing the abusers to demean themselves by using more pejorative terms, although they have shown that they have no compunction in that area; and secondly, the words "wrong ... him" make me at fault, and place the guilt for the abusers' wrongdoing on my shoulders.

Certainty level: 30%

Recorded on a Victoria line tube train leaving Green Park station. If you listen carefully you can pick up the word "hunchback". The speaker had emitted a swear word immediately before this excerpt; both the swear word, and the "hunchback", were (I believe) directed at me.


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