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Re: why administrator refuse to give permission on PLUSTRACE

From: Hasta <>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 08:21:21 +0100
Message-ID: <>

In article <>, says...
> Hasta wrote:
> > In article <>,
> > says...
> >> My point was that while the developers here seemed more than willing to
> >> point fingers at incompetent DBAs from my experience the developers are
> >> equally guilty of not keeping their skills current. Not more so ...
> >> equally so.
> >
> > Well, honnestly, I haven't seen a lot of developpers
> > in this group claiming that dbas are generally incompetent.
> >
> > I have seen them claiming that a dba is unlikely
> > to find the root cause of an application problem
> > alone, for reasons that are very understandable
> > and unrelated to his/her competency.
> You are dissembling. Identifying root causes on a production server is
> a core competency of the DBA job in the vast majority of organizations.

A good dba can certainly find one cause in the causal chain.

However, he does not know the specifications of the components of the system. Without a specification, he cannot identify with certaincy the root component that is misbehaving.

I'll try again, for the last time. Please read and answer :

Let's assume your own (doc_id, person_id, doc_name) table with an index on person_id.

The dba finds that a query by person_id is too slow when processing five thousand rows.

Now, what does he do ?

> if you are trying to say that developers are trained in the use of
> StatsPack but DBAs are not I'd like to see that explicitly stated.

I certainly dont state that

> If you think that developers, who by tradition are not allowed to see
> dba_ and v$ and gv$ views are trained to use them I would like to see
> that stated too

Yes, we inspect dba et v$ views in production.

> I think you have demonstrated substantial creativity
> not matched by reality.

And conversely, I think you look disconnected from reality ;-) (No offence meant, Daniel, really) Received on Tue Nov 06 2007 - 01:21:21 CST

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