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Re: Again, Solaris or Linux for RAC

From: <>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 10:15:27 +0200
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, 26 Oct 2007 15:43:19 -0700, hpuxrac <> wrote:

>On Oct 26, 9:03 am, wrote:
>> Our application will potentially have a few thousand concurrent user.
>> I know it has been debated many times, but most of the thread are
>> dated before 2000. A lot of new things happened on the market these
>> years.
>> Now, solaris is not that awefully expensive, Linux has evolved as
>> well.
>> What will you pick, solaris or linux for your RAC?
>> According to the sevey by IOUG (,
>> Oracle on Solaris will decline from 49% to 43%, and Linux will
>> increase from 34% to 44% by April 2007. But they never publish the
>> new poll, is that really happening?
>You know it really depends on who you listen to. There's been a
>couple of responses from the usual oracle marketing cheerleaders and
>cdos spammers here. After Larry brought the penguins on stage last
>year at OOW 2006 there is not a lot of latitude for them expressing
>any opinion but the party line.

Yet another post showing your usual 'Holier than thou' attitude and the usual unsubstantiated drivel.
As for 'cdos spammers' : it appears by virtue of your flames you qualify as one of them, and you should seriously start to look in the mirror.
If you have anything against a few regulars, I would recommend you either take it offline, or keep your foul mouth shut.

>There's not a lot of independence in the IOUG so beware and caveat
>Sun has been bringing it on the hardware side in the last several
>years. Not a real choice for them as they were dealing with
>Lots of people are looking seriously at sun and solaris. An
>enterprise ready operating system tried and proven over the last 2
>Why do you even think that you need RAC necessarily? Read what Moans
>Nogood has to say about RAC and high availability.

The guy isn't called 'Moans Nogood'! You are a slow learner, aren't you?

>Lots more noise than signal on cdos.

Yes, you are greatly contributing to the noise!!!

>One of the people responding has advocated running production systems
>on Apple OS based systems in the past. Nothing like advice from the
>truly wacked out eh?

Any URL to substantiate your claim?
Or do you just like shooting from the hip, without any evidence? It appears you belong to the 'truly wacked out' yourself!

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA
Received on Sat Oct 27 2007 - 03:15:27 CDT

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