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Re: recent drivel posted by Tony Rogerson on his blog

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 06:36:11 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 30, 3:32 am, "Tony Rogerson" <> wrote:
> > What a yoke Mr. Rogerson is, self-appointed 'expert'!
> No you are wrong, I'm not an expert in oracle - I'm a novice - absolutely
> 100% which is why I wanted to start learning some of it to counter some
> rubbish Denial Again Morgan posted.
> To my suprise I found the documentation very very poor, very hard to follow
> for somebody trying to find how to do 'x'.

You don't want to start by skimming an index. That is one of the reasons that oracle has provided a concepts manual.

Try using the concepts manual for certain areas to drive into a deeper understanding.

> It's fine if you want to look up the syntax of a command but if you really
> want to find out how to do something without a starting point it's time
> consuming and difficult.

Using google along with metalink and along with the oracle supplied documentation works pretty well.

Can you use only the oracle supplied doc? Absolutely and some people do prefer it that way. But there are alternatives.

> I think other people agree with me here based on private feedback I've had
> via my blog, talking with other folks and feedback on the oracle forums.
> I think 21 years developing, 5 of them on DB2 and the rest on SQL Server,
> the level of interaction I have with leading experts in the SQL Server field
> and the amount of training I have received and continue to receive pretty
> much classifies me as an expert, my clients and peers see me as one - but
> that is in SQL Server and nothing else.

Dunno about SQL Server experts I have done ( not recently at all ) some time on projects on that platform.

The varied experience you have probably gets some a good start on learning oracle. Along with the concepts manual I would also recommend you read the first 10 chapters of Tom Kyte's new book ( think it's Expert Architecture 10g or similar don't have a copy at home ).

In that book Tom does a very nice job of illustrating some of the major differences in architecture between several relational products and how that would/should influence how you use those products.

> I don't have an up-to-date resume because people come to me via my blog,
> name referal and through being known as an expert in the SQL UK community;
> but if you like I can send you the last one I did some 10 years ago now.
> --
> Tony Rogerson, SQL Server MVP
> [Ramblings from the field from a SQL consultant]
> [UK SQL User Community]

It is unfortunate that clowns like Baker and Morgan spend so much time attempting to spin and shape cdos. Received on Sun Sep 30 2007 - 08:36:11 CDT

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