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Re: recent drivel posted by Tony Rogerson on his blog

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 08:12:19 GMT
Message-ID: <DTILi.3688$>

"Tony Rogerson" <> wrote in message news:fdnjh8$d4m$1$
>> What a yoke Mr. Rogerson is, self-appointed 'expert'!
> No you are wrong, I'm not an expert in oracle - I'm a novice - absolutely
> 100% which is why I wanted to start learning some of it to counter some
> rubbish Denial Again Morgan posted.
> To my suprise I found the documentation very very poor, very hard to
> follow for somebody trying to find how to do 'x'.
> It's fine if you want to look up the syntax of a command but if you really
> want to find out how to do something without a starting point it's time
> consuming and difficult.
> I think other people agree with me here based on private feedback I've had
> via my blog, talking with other folks and feedback on the oracle forums.
> I think 21 years developing, 5 of them on DB2 and the rest on SQL Server,
> the level of interaction I have with leading experts in the SQL Server
> field and the amount of training I have received and continue to receive
> pretty much classifies me as an expert, my clients and peers see me as
> one - but that is in SQL Server and nothing else.
> I don't have an up-to-date resume because people come to me via my blog,
> name referal and through being known as an expert in the SQL UK community;
> but if you like I can send you the last one I did some 10 years ago now.

Hi Tony

Oh dear, your blog entry is a little bit on the embarrassing and naive side. For someone who claims to have so many years of computing experience, you don't seem very capable at navigating through Oracle's (extremely comprehensive) online documentation. And no, the master index is not the place to start !!

Perhaps if you start at the start (, perhaps use the searching facility (located at the top left corner of the homepage), perhaps click on the Master Book List link (just below the search box) to see a list of all the available online manuals and perhaps attempt to use the online navigation facilities as they've been designed to be used, you might not struggle so much.

Mind you, if someone can't cope with navigating through Oracle's online documentation as you publically admit to be struggling, then perhaps you might not quite have what it takes to work with the software itself ...

It does all rather suggest you're perfectly suited to working only with Microsoft products ;)


Richard Received on Sun Sep 30 2007 - 03:12:19 CDT

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