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Re: Import problems on Windows Server

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 20:03:31 +0100
Message-ID: <fdm7kl$16t$1$>

> Care to remember how NT4 SP3 replaced Winsock 1 by Winsock2 and
> Winsock2 broke Sqlnet2?

NT4 was what, 10 years ago+ ? Check back to my reply to Denial Again Morgan for my thoughts on that OS.

> Any explanation why Mickeysoft Windows caused the software of a
> competitor to stop working?

Because the competitor used stuff, undocumented stuff, they weren't suppose to.

> Care to remember how many sysadmins are involved with rolling out
> patches?

What, you mean Windows Updates? From my experience since they introduced Windows Updates for Windows 2000 and 2003 not that many.

Most sys admins spend time on networking problems and the like.

Do you have figures to back up your statement (url please) or is it, yet again, another myth?

> Care to remember Microsoft is still making use of iillegal practices
> to break the competition?

Don't care; I'm not here to defened MS; I'm here to correct the crap you and DA post about stuff you don't want to accept.

> Care to remember how Microsofts ODBC driver for Oracle doesn't support
> any feature of Oracle beyond 7.3?

More myth spreading rubbish, do you not realise people can research using the internet now?

From Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.5 and later versions, both the Microsoft ODBC Driver and OLE DB Provider support Oracle 8i with the following limitations: . Oracle 8.x-specific data types, such as CLOB, BLOB, BFILE, NCHAR, NCLOB, and NVARCHAR2, are not supported. . The Unicode feature against Oracle 7.x and 8.x servers is not supported. . Multiple Oracle client instances, or multiple Oracle homes, are not supported because they rely on the first occurrence of the Oracle home in the SYSTEM PATH variable.
. Returning multiple resultsets from a stored procedure or batch SQL statement is not supported using ADO or OLEDB. For additional information about how to retrieve a resultset from an Oracle stored procedure, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

> Could you please stop posting this drivel and go away here?

No, if I see a post that mentions a technology I am knowledable in and disagree with a reply I will post a response - that my dear pal is called freedom of speech.

> No one here is visiting any Microsoft forum to bash sqlserver.
> Why do you visit this forum with the sole purpose to bash Oracle?

I don't bash oracle, I readdress the rubbish specific to what you or Denial Again Morgan has posted - get used to it or stop posting myths etc...

> Any explanations? Any apologies?
> Or are you just so much brainwashed, you don't have a 'balanced
> opinion' anymore? Even the words 'balanced opinion' are hypocrite,
> because the only a pro-Mickeysoft opinion can be 'balanced'

I have a balanced business view with the overriding concern for my client making money and staying in business and also having the competitve edge over their competition.

> If there is anyone trying to convert the masses to a specific
> doctrine, it is the reincarnation of Sauron, Bill Gates,
> and you are just one of his ringwraiths.

I'm not trying to convert anybody to any doctrine, like I've stated several times already, when I see something I disagree with or know is not true I will post a response - that is freedom of speech, I realise you don't like that concept but get used to it.

> *You* are the one who is trying to convert the masses to a specific
> doctrine, Tony Rogerson, just be frank and admit it or get lost.

Nope - don't care; you do and use whatever technolgies you feel confortable with.

Tony Rogerson, SQL Server MVP
[Ramblings from the field from a SQL consultant]
[UK SQL User Community]
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