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Re: Best fs for Oracle RAC

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 16:59:44 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 24, 2:21 pm, wrote:
> On Sep 25, 1:45 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> > > Well, just to abort the mud-pie contest before it really starts, how
> > > about explaining **how** ASM makes migration easier? That is, how it
> > > makes turning a Windows database into a Solaris one (say) any easier
> > > than it would be in a non-ASM environment...;
> > Your use of Windows and Solaris confuses the issue. You are asking
> > about operating systems and ASM is about storage. And not the
> > storage of your Oracle binaries.
> No, I don't think it does confuse the issue any further than it is
> already. That was, in fact, precisely the point!
> The original poster wrote, "yes, and i think that ASM could be easy
> for migration to another platform. "
> Define "platform" in that sentence for me please? You seem to think it
> means "storage architecture". I took it to mean "OS", because that is
> typically what people mean when they start talking about "migration"
> and "platforms".

Why don't you guys get a response from the OP to clarify what the question was?

> But see... regardless of who has mind-read the OP correctly, instead
> of just having a go at Bob for his ignorance levels, it pays to be
> clear on what ALL participants in the thread mean by their choice of
> terminology.
> It's good, anyway, to have you concede that ASM will play no part in
> easing the transition from Windows to Solaris. Which is (I think) what
> Bob was getting at.

Iffy speculation there at the best.

> > Let me ask your question in a manner consistent with what ASM
> > is and does.
> > "... how it makes turning a database stored on an EMC filer into
> > one stored on a Hitachi filer"
> > If you can mount a disk system you can create an ASM diskgroup. If
> > you can create an ASM disk group you can migrate from it or to it.
> ASM gives you storage independence, obviously. That wasn't (I think)
> the point about 'easing migration' that was originally being made,
> however.

Again why don't you get clarification from the OP? Received on Tue Sep 25 2007 - 18:59:44 CDT

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