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Re: Backup & Restore

From: Ravip via <u36659_at_uwe>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 09:11:36 GMT
Message-ID: <788a9a03d56c0@uwe>

Hi Brian,

From your feedback I have arrived the following backup strategy.

Level 0 backup every week.

Level 1 backup daily.

Retains the backup for every 4 weeks and it will be a cycle.

As my intention is to not loose any data but with present setup I didn't configured for log shipping or data guard.

Please have your feedback again on this.

Thank You.

Brian Peasland wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>[quoted text clipped - 10 lines]
>> Thank You.
>You will not need the archived redo logs from prior to the incremental
>backup. However, if the last incremental backup was unusable for some
>reason, you would need the archvied redo logs since the previous
>incremental backup. Just to be safe, I keep the archived redo logs since
>the previous incremental level 0. And I keep at least 3 level 0 backups
>on hand. So if I generate a level 0 once a week, I'll have 3 weeks worth
>of backups on hand. To make sure that I can use any of those backups, I
>keep the archived redo logs for the last 3 weeks.
>Keeping more than one generation of your backups is an old practice. The
>most recent backup is generation 0. The backup before that is generation
>-1. You may have generation -2 and maybe generation -3, depending on
>your retention policy.
>The reason to keep multiple generations is that backups are often stored
>on tape media and tape media can fail. If there is only one backup and
>that tape fails, the safety net is lost. But by having more than one
>generation, we ensure we can get access to at least some of the data.
>The other reason to keep multiple generations around is that one may
>discover a problem (i.e. bad data) and that problem is in the backup.
>One may occasionally desire to restore before that data became a
>problem. This is hard to do with only one generation. Multiple
>generations do not guarantee success here either.
>In your reply, you stated "Obviously I'm not in a position to lose data
>generated in last minute as well.". This makes me ask...are you doing
>some sort of log shipping? Are you ensuring that your logs switch and
>get archived at least once a minute? If not, then you may be at risk of
>losing more than one minute's worth of data. Have you looked at Data
>Guard in your data protection strategy?

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