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Re: Backup & Restore

From: Alberto Frosi <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:06:34 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 20, 5:22 am, "Ravip via" <u36659_at_uwe> wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> Thanks for comprehensive detail. Obviously I'm not in a position to lose data
> generated in last minute as well. Again as you said it depends on backup
> strategy.
> My clarification is once the incremental backup taken on yesterday night,
> should I need to retain the
> the backup of archive redolog backups taken prior to yesterday's backup.
> Because the db incremental backups are available from yesterday and previous
> days. As I mentioned earlier that the backup of DB and archive log files are
> executed separately.
> Thank You.
> Brian Peasland wrote:
> >> Hi Brian
> >[quoted text clipped - 11 lines]
> >> My intention is to take the archive log backup separately. Is this
> >> recommended ?
> >How much data can you afford to lose? Note that this is a business
> >decision since data is a corporate asset. That data has a value to the
> >company. And when you get closer and closer to losing less and less data
> >(or even zero data loss), the solution gets more expensive.
> >The reason I ask the above is that if you lose your database server, you
> >can go to your backup tape (hopefully you have a backup on tape) and
> >recover from your incremental backups. So that get's you to the point in
> >time up to the backup. Your archived redo logs will get you the rest of
> >the way. If you can only lose one hour's worth transactions, then you
> >should back up your archived redo logs to tape once an hour. If you can
> >lose a day's worth of transactions, then you should back up the archived
> >redo logs at least once a day. If you can only lose 5 mins of
> >transactions...or have a zero data loss requirement, then you should
> >probably be looking at Data Guard.
> >How often you backup your archived redo logs depends on your data loss
> >requirements. It does not matter if this is done seperately from your
> >incremental backups or not. A RMAN backup of your archived redo logs is
> >a RMAN backup no matter what else was backed up with it.
> >> 2. During the rotation I feel I can remove the level 2 backup taken on 1st
> >> week during the 5th week.
> >[quoted text clipped - 5 lines]
> >> size is close 200GB and daily 7-8 archive log of each 500MB get generated.
> >> What kind of backup strategy will you recommend.?
> >To be honest, I cannot recommend a backup strategy because I do no know
> >enough of your requirements. I already discussed data loss above. Your
> >data loss requirement drives part of your backup strategy. And the one
> >thing that many people do not look at hard enough when it comes to
> >designing the backup strategy is the *recovery requirements*. What are
> >your recovery requirements? Are you required to be up an running in one
> >hour? 2 mins? 1 day? Are you required to be up and running at a remote
> >site? There are other questions that could be asked as well. You
> >mentioned the db size, and that is one have to be able
> >to back up a 200GB database with approximately 4GB of daily archived
> >redo logs. But what about your recovery requirements? Those should be
> >heavily weighed and factored in to your backup strategy. For instance,
> >if you are required to restore all transactions within one hour of
> >failure and you only perform cold backups and have no archived redo
> >logs, then the backup strategy does not meet the recovery requirements.
> >HTH,
> >Brian
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To be honest, I cannot recommend a backup strategy because I do no know
enough of your requirements.
However i've a 250GB database and i backup it every day with incremental 0, and during a day backup a archive log every hour. In my database the archive logs are generated frequently and i meet this solution.
At week-end i do a full backup.
I don't know your situation but i do that for my site. The incremental 0 backup start at 7 pm and finish to 7.45 every day. Regards,
Alberto Received on Thu Sep 20 2007 - 05:06:34 CDT

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