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Re: SRDF and oracle

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 11:39:18 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 18, 1:57 pm, "KCS" <> wrote:
> > EMC is losing customers out here on a regular basis as their Oracle
> > support has been marginal at best. I know of two large corporations
> > that have dropped them this year.
> > --
> > Daniel A. Morgan
> > University of Washington
> > (replace x with u to respond)
> > Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
> >
> ok we will follow oracle (dataguard), since if a disaster happens, we think
> EMC will not be able to help us recover a database.
> Thanx Daniel

Lots of people use SRDF/A for their oracle databases as well as MirrorView/A. Dataguard has it's place and time also but so does storage based replication both synchronous and asynchronous.

Here's a couple of things to look up in metalink 708066.992 and 132670.1

Looks like Oracle terminated the program. Notice the words ... Oracle and its partners worked together to validate specialized storage technology ... At this time Oracle believes these storage technologies are well understood by the customers, are very mature, etc ...

( geez this has a last update date of today ).

So bottom line if you choose to do something else it's your choice obviously. Don't let EMC bashing from one of the cdos clowns interfere with your rational thinking. Go back to the statement made in note 708066.992 ....

Unless you work your way up very far in the talking to people in oracle support yes they will tell you "we don't support this, it will only be fixed in the next release, this bug affects only certain platforms, yada yada". It's the usual dance being performed by people that only want to close tickets because that is what they are rated on.

Get someone like the oracle vp ( is it Mark Townsend ? ) or Tom Kyte and ask them if many important oracle customers are using that technology. You will get a different answer. Received on Tue Sep 18 2007 - 13:39:18 CDT

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