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Re: Oracle Express

From: Cristian Cudizio <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 12:38:16 +0200
Message-ID: <fco95h$162n$>

Knickerless Parsons wrote:

> On 18 Sep, 10:03, Cristian Cudizio <> wrote:

>> Knickerless Parsons wrote:
>>> Morning all,
>>> I'm a reasonably experienced oracle developer and just starting out
>>> with XML. My comfort zone is really around large batch applications.
>>> My goal is to expose functionality of my back end database via web
>>> services developed in C# .Net. My current plan is to build an address
>>> database that can be access using web service calls from multiple
>>> systems.
>>> I just have a couple of quick questions to get me off on the right
>>> foot:
>>> Apart from the 4-5GB storage restriction, is there any reason why I
>>> shouldn't use oracle express as my datastore for a proof of concept
>>> application.
>>> I'm expecting an XML data type but trying to create a column of this
>>> type fails. I remember reading a manual a while back which used CLOBs,
>>> is this still the recommended approach or is it a limitation in my
>>> current database (oracle express).
>>> I'm a way off from building the .NET portion but any views on ODP vs
>>> ADO as my data connector would also be a big help.
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Dave.
>> But why user of Microsoft products does want to use Oracle? why not to
>> use MSSQLSERVER ? i'm wrong or there is an equivalent free edition
>> on SQL SERVER called express edition?
>> --
>> Cristian Cudizio
>> http://oracledb.wordpress.com
> Ok, a bit more info required I think.
> I'm working for a company, formerly a big oracle user who's current
> strategy is to move to .NET as a presentation layer but stick with
> oracle for the back end.
> As I'm unfamiliar with .NET and XML (at least from a programming point
> of view), I'm trying to build a small application as described
> previously for my own education as well as maybe using it as a model
> for future developments.
> I'm hoping to get away with using Oracle Express as it runs nicely on
> my laptop without having a network connection.
> Hope this helps,
> Dave.

I'm sorry, i know that on standard edition there are XML data types, i don't know if they are present into express edition.


Cristian Cudizio
Received on Tue Sep 18 2007 - 05:38:16 CDT

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