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Re: Oracle on Demand - Kiss your DBA jobs good-bye.

From: <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 11:03:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Comments embedded.
On Sep 13, 11:35 am, Mikail Dellovich <> wrote:
> Following are my opinions only:
> I think we will enter a world where an employee will be more and more
> working under conditions of great stress and uncertainty regarding his
> future.

So this hasn't happened yet? Or just not in your neighborhood?

> It's unfortunate but this also makes for an apathetic employee
> and early burn-out candidate who will be less and less concerned about
> doing his job well and more concerned about his personal survival in a
> increasingly godless, dog-eat-dog society where hedge funds and private
> equity firms will gut companies for sport as an extension to their
> senior level college project with no regard for the quality of life for
> its employees.

Possibly for you, but I see a different 'picture' where people do care about their job performance, as that ties directly to their personal survival. Generalizing behaviour patterns to the many because of the few is irresponsible.

> You will be competing (survivor style) in a Darwinian
> fight for fewer resources as the very wealthy and unscrupulous separate
> you from your happiness and dignity as they inequitably horde wealth.

Nice verbiage. Too bad it's all rhetoric, lacking substance.

> Having people take ethics courses is useless because you cannot teach
> ethics to someone who doesn't have character.

I will agree with that statement.

> Try to teach ethics to a
> Walmart manager, crack dealer, mortgage broker, crack whore or Oracle
> salesman.

So which one are you?

> Also it would have to have been part and parcel of ones life from the
> beginning. Just the same way one cannot buy one's way into the patrician
> society in this country, because every aspect of the society would have
> to have been imbued into you from a young age.

Manners can be taught, they're not genetically coded into the 'rich and famous'. So can proper behaviour. Many in the U.S. have pulled themselves up from nothing into 'high society'. Maybe your country is different, but don't make sweeping statements about all countries simply because of defects in your own.

> You will be found out as
> a fraud quickly and referred to as upscale trash with money.

Know this from personal experience?

> --
> Godlessness, torture and fornication are the hallmarks of our great(sic)
> society.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Thu Sep 13 2007 - 13:03:32 CDT

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