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Re: Corrupted dbf file... help!!

From: Noons <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 03:26:43 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 12, 8:05 pm, Helma <> wrote:
> >For all I know, the controlfile
> >used for that display could have been from a backup!
> Shouldn't that generate more errors upon opening the DB, such
> as all the SCN numbers don't match?

would that still be the case if the files had also been restored? Do you know for sure that was not indeed the case? Do you know for sure ALL tyhe details of what the OP is doing?

Apparently, you are still missing the point: the OP is NOT an "informed dba".
This means you, I and everyone else here assume NOTHING, when dispensing advice.

Instead of grandstanding about the umpteen options that could be used if, when, how.

> The database is already succesfully brought into mount mode.

How do you know it is the original database?

> Upon
> opening the database, there is just one critical error, about the
> missing file. As you and i know , with a backup to trace nothing is
> touched.

And how do you know the OP is not going to do something unpredictable? Damn, you are really good at predicting what others think or do, eh? Missed career, you should be a shrink...

You are still assuming the OP knows the dba ropes, when it is obvious that is not the case. In fact, given your approach I suggest you suggest to the OP how to get rid of these problems by setting up a standby db: that will sell heaps of consulting time, who knows you might even get a poke at it?...

Like i said: hang around and sniff the rows before you jump in with off-the-manual
advice: it might be more useful. Received on Wed Sep 12 2007 - 05:26:43 CDT

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