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Re: looking for job.............

From: <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:12:12 -0700
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On Sep 7, 6:55 pm, wrote:
> hi everybody! i m doing oracle 9i dba from niit delhi. presently i m
> working with a reputed printing organization (THOMSON PRESS (I) LTD.
> FARIDABAD, HARYANA, INDIA) in delhi ncr.

I suppose printing companies use Oracle.

> i have almost 7 yrs of exp in
> production as well as planning and working on oracle as an user for
> last one yr.

Do I read this correctly that you have all of ONE year of contact experience with Oracle but absolutely no administration experience with the product, not even 'playing' around with it at home? What they will teach you from books won't compare to the realities of the job in the marketplace.

> now i want to move myself completely in this track. i
> don't have any formal education in comp. i have done from delhi
> school of distance education, delhi university, during i complete my
> p.g diploma in printing technology.

Working as an Oracle DBA isn't anything like running a printing shop. Your printing diploma will provide little, if any, benefit in the world of Oracle Database Administration, and your one year of 'user contact' is not sufficient to qualify you as a DBA. Writing 'select * from dual' is easy; recovering your entire database after a system crash may not be, and it certainly won't be with your level of 'experience'. I say this not to stop you, but to warn you that the road ahead is not an easy one and it is fraught with pitfalls that the easily discouraged may use as excuses to give up.

> On these basic qualification can i
> move ahead. i need

Enthusiasm is good, determination is better, and the combination of the two may well be unstoppable. You possess the first, now develop the second and brace yourself for setbacks as you learn database administration for they will come. Having the ability to get past them is the key to surviving in this occupation. Have you thought of pursuing the developer track first? You should, as many good DBAs started their careers as developers. As another regular poster to this newsgroup has stated:

" ... those that dive in without having the requisite skill often drown."

And it appears you're ready to dive in without adequate training and experience. It's not usual that someone simply jumps into being an Oracle DBA from ground zero; the usual path is to start as a developer, as I said earlier and suggested to you. I would seriously take that advice and allow yourself more time with Oracle before deciding being a DBA is your life's calling.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Mon Sep 10 2007 - 13:12:12 CDT

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