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Re: Download 10G development Suite for Oracle Form & Report?

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 10:26:15 +0200
Message-ID: <46e10b40$0$241$>

<> schreef in bericht

> On Sep 6, 12:40 pm, "Shakespeare" <> wrote:

>> <> schreef in
>> > Hi All,
>> > I'm a newbie to oracle & currently learning oracle form & report at
>> > school. I currently have an existing oracle 10g on my unix machine,
>> > and I need to download & install oracle 10g development suite on my pc
>> > & try connecting to my db on unix server. I have looked around on
>> > this url:
>> >
>> > but there are too many products & names that I'm not familiar w/.
>> > Questions:
>> > ========
>> > 1) Where to download oracle 10g development suite for form & reports,
>> > etc? Actual link & name?
>> > 2) Once I install it on my pc, what do I have to do & how do I
>> > connect it to my db which is on unix server?
>> > Any suggestions/pointers are welcomed & appreciated.
>> > TIA,
>> > -Chris
>> Chris,
>> I don't know what kind of Unix you have... but you should use this
>> link
>> for Developer Suite which contains Forms and Reports. Unfortunately, ODS
>> isn't there for most Unix versions.
>> This is because development is done under Windows, Linux, or Solaris.
>> Then
>> you can do your deployment on Oracle Application Server for other OS
>> (compiled Forms and Reports).
>> Installation of Development tools is straight forward: run the installer,
>> start Forms Developer and connect to your DB using the db account,
>> password
>> and connect string. Deployment is a completely different story, too
>> complicated to sum it up here, and it's been a while since I did this....
>> but I'm sure some others can tell you how to do this.
>> Do you have any experience with Forms and/or Application Server?
>> Shakespeare
> Thx a lot, guys.  I'm able to download ODS on my window now & going to
> install it soon.  I'm running 10g on a solaris 10 server, btw.  I
> don't have a lot of experience on form & reports.  Just play around w/
> 'em in class & they seem to be fairly easy & straight forward, but I
> can't be sure.  Therefore I'm trying to install ODS on my laptop so
> that I can connect to my DB from anywhere & work w/ the form.
> So, if my DB is on a solaris server & ODS is on my laptop, is there a
> configuration file or I have to do something in order to connect ODS
> to DB?  Any ideas?
> Thanks,

> -Chris

I guess your laptop is on Windows (95% probability). If it is, you should download ODS for Windows. You'll need an Oracle client installation as well, but I think ODS will install that. One thing you'll have to do is lookup your TNSNAMES file (somewhere in the /oracle_home/network/admin directory on your laptop), and put your Solaris database in there. You can connect as described. Deploying your forms must be done on an application server, and I can't describe that here, you should read the manual and get someone experienced to help you on site.
Basically it means transporting your Forms Source File (*.fmb) to the application server, fix Windows/Unix incompatibilities (see below), compile it over there (*.FMX) and put it in the right directory, and call it through your browser.
There is an option in Forms Developer to run the forms stand-alone (it will run on a local OC4J installation on your laptop). INstallation is on the ODS cd's.

Windows/Unix incompatibilities:
One problem with deployment: windows and Unix use diiferent styles for files: windows uses \, unix uses /, you should take care of that. Other issue: windows is not case sensitive in filenames, Unix is! You might run into problems there too... Oracle used to have a tool for that (El Cheapo) but I don't know if it's still there..... - I'm getting old.... ;-) )

Unfortunately, since Oracle has abandoned client/server Forms, and only supports Forms on application Server, installation to 'just play around' has become a lot more difficult....

Maybe you could check at your school if someone could help you with the installation!

Shakespeare Received on Fri Sep 07 2007 - 03:26:15 CDT

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