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Re: 10g or 11g ?

From: Cristian Cudizio <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:02:30 +0200
Message-ID: <fb8dr5$2ken$>

hpuxrac wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2:22 pm, Jeremy <> wrote:

>> Planning to migrate our systems to a new data center env in next couple
>> of months. Currently on 9iR2 - thought was to go to 10g but should we go
>> straight to 11g instead? General approach is to be one release behind
>> the latest so that we know the platform is solid as a rock.
>> Be interested to hear opinions on this.
>> --
>> jeremy

> Well some of the expected oracle marketing droids in this newsgroup
> ( see what Howard has to say about ACE and directors by the way at
> see blogs ) will be pushing 11g for sure.
> We moved recently to 10.2 on all our systems ( ) and it's
> working ok as long as you prevent database control from running. ( If
> not then you lose a whole bunch of cpu cycle's looks like oracle isn't
> up to speed at getting information about EMC symmetrix storage ).
> We had been running which was also pretty stable.
> What platform? Oracle currently only has 11g out on linux and not
> even sure if that's 64 bit.
> My own recommendation ( and what we will be doing here ) is to start
> slowly playing with 11g and evaluate it for implementation as it
> becomes stable and widely available.
> To me anyhow 11g sure looks a lot more like 10.3 than 11x so perhaps
> that means it will be more ready to implement sooner than later.

I've not installed 11g yet, but 64bit version is not out there. That makes me think that 11g is a bit more than 10.3. However i think you'd better to continue with your general approach a to migrate to that a big jump from 9iR2. When we 2 year ago have migrated to 10.1 on Linux x86_64 we have had a lot of problems and nothing can makes me convince that similar problems could not happen with new version 11g.
Obviously nothing prevent you to start testing also 11g

Cristian Cudizio
Received on Fri Aug 31 2007 - 02:02:30 CDT

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