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MI5 Persecution: England expects every man to do his duty (3125)

From: <>
Date: 25 Aug 2007 06:51:55 GMT
Message-Id: <>

"England expects every man to do his duty"

Certainty level: 90%

This video clip portrays a fairly-certain case of unpleasant MI5 harassment; because of context, surrounding events, not just this one happening. It's the first time an MI5 agent has been caught on video, and, presumably to their chagrin, their paid agent is either engaging in an onanistic practice, or, more probably, pretending to do so, in order to carry out an act of harassment.

The background is as follows. In late June 2000 I had posted the following message to Usenet, about MI5's making obscene noises at me on several recent occasions;

>From: (Mike Corley)
>Subject: relax, don't do it (mi5 again)
>Date: 22 Jun 2000 00:00:00 GMT
>you will recall that a couple of weeks ago I was supposing what MI5 were
>doing with their 'single'handed' posting antics at 2am
>exciting stuff
>so about a week ago someone rings me up at home.... 'is that Emmanuel
>Goldstein?' then he phones back the following day and goes 'huaaaagh' on
>the phone before dropping the handset in excitement
>and a day or two later, just coming out of our house to put something in
>the rubbish bin, a pair of blokes over the other side of the road, again
>start making orgasmic noises
>I'm not paranoid enough to record minidisc when I pop out for a few
>seconds...... but perhaps I should be

The video clip, which was captured on 1/September/2000, is the culmination of that thread of harassment. You have to understand that MI5's abuse is in threads; they choose a topic, and then continue with it for months and years. Sometimes they drop a topic, usually to be replaced by a worse one, and you never hear of it again.

If the person in the video clip were not an MI5 agent, then he would deserve privacy, despite carrying out a real or feigned act in a public place. But I am almost 100% sure, because of context, that this man was one of their operatives, which removes any consideration of privacy from his act. He is facing away and cannot be clearly identified from this clip. I've never seen this man before or since, but that is true of most other such incidents.


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