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Re: Oracle NULL vs '' revisited

From: Martin T. <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 11:43:44 +0200
Message-ID: <46cea8a5$0$1346$>

Carlos wrote:

> On 23 ago, 20:10, Frank van Bortel <> wrote:

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>> Martin T. wrote:
>>> DA Morgan wrote:
>>>> Frank van Bortel wrote:
>>> Paul Linehan wrote:
>>>>>>> Et en quoi est "homeland security" melangé avec quelqu'un qui
>>>>>>> habite au Canada?
>>> As if all of Canada speaks Canadian (trying not
>>> to offend the French, they live closer to where I live).
>>>> From what I hear the French don't think the Canadians speak their
>>>> language any more than the English think I speak theirs.
>> The point was: not all of Canada speaks french (Just as Belgians do
>> not all speak the Dutch dialect flamish)
>>>> Is it a truck or a lorry? Do I rent it or let it? Is it an elevator
>>>> or a lift? And then there's nasty issue about wearing your pants in
>>>> pubic.
>> Autch!
>> Tomato's <> tomatoes? (Both valid, according to the spell checker)
>>> Pubic pants? :-)
>>> Generally I think if a language is spoken by more than two people there
>>> will be some amount of disagreement. (Swiss <-> French/German/Italian |
>>> Austrian <-> German <-> Swiss | probably Norwegian <-> Danish | oh, yes,
>>> Spanish <-> Spanish )
>> Now you offended the Swiss - the Swiss Navy will come over and bombard
>> your cities. :D
>> Swiss is not a language (worked in the German speaking as
>> well as the French speaking parts), it's a dialect at most.
>> And there are four official languages defined in Switzerland;
>> you forgot Roman.
>> You have also offended the Norwegian people - they speak Bokmal (the o
>> should have a slash, iirc), certainly not Danish. Danish and Swedish
>> might have similarities, as these countries have a common background.
>> About the similarities between French and English (which seems quite
>> substantial).
>> Spanish is not a language, either; you speak either Catalan or
>> Castillian. Or Bask, of course :)
>> I always forget which, but one is spoken in Spain, the other in
>> South America (Brazil excluded - they speak Portuguese in a similar
>> way South Africans spoke Dutch)
>> - --
>> Regards,
>> Frank van Bortel
>> Top-posting is one way to shut me up...
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> Sorry to amend you Frank, but spanish (español) IS a language. It is a
> synonym for Castillian (castellano). You can use both names for the
> language. Catalan is a spanish language -in the sense that it is
> spoken in (some parts of) Spain-, but it is NOT *THE* spanish language
> (español).
> There are other spanish languages apart from spanish/castillian and
> catalan, by the way.
> Cheers.
> Carlos.

Then again. I'm not entirely sure the South Americas agree that they are actually speaking (talking) castellano.
I guess this would be like declaring the german swiss speak high-german ... :-)

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