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Re: Core files of Oracle and Security

From: Brian Peasland <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 11:04:26 -0500
Message-ID: <46c317f8$0$16271$>

PALDEAL wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Has anyone delt with Oracle core files and the information in the core
> files. I understand that the information is different based when the
> core was dumped. From security presepctive, is there a chance that it
> could contain lot of data stored in SGA or any data for that matter?
> How easy is it to retreive the data out of the core file? What are
> the security risks sending this core file via internet.
> Thanks
> og

It may be possible for someone to look at a core dump and see some of your data. But in some respect, one needs to trust the company that their dealing with. I have sent core dumps to Oracle Support. Do I really think that Oracle Support is going to ruin their business by stealing my corporate data? I dont think so. Then again....I do not deal in the sort of data that is 1) valuable and 2) would hurt my business if it got out. That being said, if I have a problem and sending the core dump is the way to get that problem solved, do I hold on to the core dump and not get my issue resolved? What does that do to my business?

I deal with reputable companies. IMO, I have to trust those companies with my core dumps and any corporate data in there. Those companies don't like lawsuits.

If you are concerned about sending this data over the Internet, encrypt it. And send a key to the support analyst seperately.



Brian Peasland

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