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Re: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

From: Cristian Cudizio <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 15:03:40 +0200
Message-ID: <f9s8mc$3ks$>

trub3101 wrote:

> On 10 Aug, 16:44, "" <> wrote:

>> On Aug 10, 10:32 am, trub3101 <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Guru's
>>> Desperately in need of your advice on this one. I am getting the
>>> standard ORA-01031:
>>> SQL> conn s..._at_preview.rtdb0 as sysdba
>>> Enter password:
>>> ERROR:
>>> ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
>>> I have created the password file - orapwd file=orapw$ORACLE_SID
>>> password=********* entries=5
>>> My password file then looks like this:
>>> more orapwPREVIEW
>>> Z[\]
>>> ORACLE Remote Password fileNTERNA36BC44C6FAFB4248SYS456E73733F6460B1
>>> I am pretty sure that the $ORACLE_SID (in this instance PREVIEW)
>>> should appear in the password file just before the encrypted code.
>>> Would this be because I cannot find the a pfile or spfile anyway on
>>> the server?
>>> I am not entirely sure how this database was created without either an
>>> pfile or spfile. Hopefully someone might be able to throw some light
>>> on this matter.
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> Simply because you can't find the pfile doesn't mean one doesn't
>> exist. And likely your problem becomes one of parameter settings, as
>> remote_login_passwordfile is set to NONE, not SHARED or EXCLUSIVE.
>> You might try looking in $ORACLE_BASE/admin/$ORACLE_SID/pfile for the
>> init$ORACLE_SID.ora file; a symbolic link may also exist in
>> $ORACLE_HOME/dbs, as may your spfile. I believe that once you find
>> the pfile or spfile you'll find I'm correct with regard to the
>> remote_login_passwordfile setting.
>> David Fitzjarrell- Hide quoted text -
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> Thanks you for swift reply David!
> I must apologise for not replying to you sooner but my PC has been
> going through an upgrade of sorts.
> I am not saying that a pfile doesn't exist, just strange that I cannot
> locate it! I have already checked the directories you have suggested
> as well as the remote_login_passwordfile setting before sending my
> post (sorry, I should have said in my post I guess!). There are no
> pfile or spfile files for the $ORACLE_SID in question and
> remote_login_passwordfile is set to EXCLUSIVE.
> I am still scratching my head over this one. Once again thank you for
> your swift reply

It is not clear to me your problem. first of all why you are pretty sure that "the $ORACLE_SID (in this instance PREVIEW)   should appear in the password file just before the encrypted code."???? I'm not so sure. Actually making a test on a instance i see a piece of the SID between "file" and "INTERNA" before encrypted passwor making more orapwd$ORACLE_SID, so maybe that when you created password file you did not set correctly environment variable $ORACLE_SID. If you are able to check remote_login_passwordfile probably you are able to login, so to find your spfile you can simply check spfile parameter.


Cristian Cudizio
Received on Tue Aug 14 2007 - 08:03:40 CDT

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