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Re: Oracle RAC VIP networking question

From: <>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 08:50:12 -0700
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the VIP in an Oracle RAC cluster is purely for fast connection failover (avoiding the TCP timeout) and therefore needs one for every node in the cluster. Applications should connect through a connection description that lists all available VIPS, but more importantly applications should connect through a service name. If users connect through an application to the Oracle RAC database you could configure the application server to communicate through the batch subnet for OracleNet traffic. This implies that for all RAC nodes the batch subnet is its 'public' subnet. This way the RAC nodes don't need to be connected to the public subnet at all. The application server needs a public subnet and the batch subnet.

To be able to connect to the RAC database directly from a workstation (assuming its only on the public subnet), you can configure Oracle Connection Manager on a server which has public and batch subnet access. But I would only use that for 'management' stuff, not for application connections.

Tony van Esch schreef:
> Unfortunatley - I'm a networking person trying to assist our UNIX/DBA
> team. But, yes, I agree with your understanding of Network Bonding.
> It bonds 2 or more NIC's together to aggregate bandwidth which should
> have nothing to do with VIP's on multiple subnets.
> The bottom line is, we have a 3 node cluster. Each node has a public,
> private and (what we call) an isolated batch subnet NIC (3 NIC's total
> per node). Our Application vendor indicates that it is "strongly"
> encouraged to have this isolated network (where bulk batch processing
> takes place) and not compete with the public NIC where the clients
> access the application. In total, this is 3 seperate IP subnets per
> node. Our Unix/DBA's need to have multiple VIP's to service
> the applications that need to use the public and isolated batch
> subnet. One VIP to listen on the the client side for the actual
> application. And another VIP that will listen on a totally different
> subnet (the isolated batch network) that of course has it's own NIC.
> So, our concern is from what we have heard so far is that it appears
> the VIP per node that any application can use is only available on the
> "public" facing NIC
> Thanks
> Keith
Received on Tue Aug 07 2007 - 10:50:12 CDT

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