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Re: UPDATE and SELECT in one statement

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 05:12:47 -0700
Message-ID: <>

BMA wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a bit brainwashed by the SQL Server Programming dialect...
> I'm trying to update a column in a table, and immediatly do a select of
> that column in one statement.
> So, as I'm used to in SQL Server, i'd do :
> UPDATE myTable SET col=(select col+1 from otherTable) where recordnr=2
> SELECT col from myTable where recordnr=2
> This is a statement I send in one command to the database server, and
> is used to increment a sequence number for calculating unique invoice
> numbers. THis way, there cannot be any multi-user interference, so nobody
> generates the same invoice number.
> This works for SQL Server 2000/2005, but when testing on Oracle I get :
> ORA-00933 : SQL-command is not ended correct (roughly translated from
> dutch right now).
> I'm sending this statement from Omnis Studio on a windows XP SP 2 to an
> Oracle 9i Personnal Edition.
> Is it possible to send an update and a select in one statement?
> Thanks for any help (and sorry for my bad English ...)
> Bram

Completely unnecessary in Oracle ... it is easily done in a single statement. There is a demo in Morgan's Library ( under UPDATE. Search for "RETURNING CLAUSE."

Here's a simple example that returns multiple columns:

conn hr/hr

var bnd1 NUMBER
var bnd2 VARCHAR2(30)
var bnd3 NUMBER

UPDATE employees
SET job_id ='SA_MAN', salary = salary + 1000, department_id = 140
WHERE last_name = 'Jones'
RETURNING salary*0.25, last_name, department_id INTO :bnd1, :bnd2, :bnd3;

print bnd1
print bnd2
print bnd3

bnd1, 2, and 3, in PL/SQL, are variables.

The RETURNING CLAUSE can also be used with INSERTs and DELETEs.

Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington (replace x with u to respond)
Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
Received on Thu Aug 02 2007 - 07:12:47 CDT

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